How To Heal An Ear

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How To Heal An Ear
How To Heal An Ear

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Inflammatory processes in the ear cavity can be both chronic and occur as a result of illness or hypothermia. Treatment should be started only after consulting an ENT doctor, otherwise a number of complications, including hearing loss, are possible.

How to heal your ear
How to heal your ear

It is necessary

  • - antibacterial drugs;
  • - phyto candles;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - camphor oil;
  • - warmer.


Step 1

Go to the doctor's office - this is a mandatory step in the treatment of hearing organs. The specialist will examine the ear canal, take a scraping if necessary, and refer you for additional tests. If the pain in the ear is caused by an inflammatory process, then you will be prescribed a course of antibiotic therapy. Stick to lore assignments.

Step 2

Buy camphor oil and hydrogen peroxide. If a large amount of sulfur is released, then first rinse with peroxide, dropping it into the ear canal. Carefully remove excess liquid with cotton pads and swabs. Then drip 3 drops of camphor oil. There may be a slight burning or warmth sensation, but this will gradually go away.

Step 3

Use herbal suppositories to speed up your recovery. They are sold in a pharmacy and somewhat resemble a funnel: on the one hand, they are somewhat wider, and on the other, narrower. Carefully study the annotation, pay special attention to contraindications. Light the phyto candle on one side, and insert the other into the ear canal. Do not be afraid of fire or strong burning, the candle will only smolder and slightly warm the diseased organ.

Step 4

Dry heat is also beneficial. Use an electric heating pad or red-hot table salt wrapped in a warm shawl. Keep the compress for about 40 minutes. But if you have purulent otitis media, then warming up is contraindicated due to the likelihood of a breakthrough of pus inside.

Step 5

See your doctor again if nothing helps at all. In some cases, a puncture of the tympanic membrane (paracentesis) is performed. After that, you will feel a relief in general well-being and a decrease in body temperature. Do not try to carry out the procedure yourself - you will harm yourself.

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