How To Choose A Foot Massager

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How To Choose A Foot Massager
How To Choose A Foot Massager

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Feet are a unique part of the body, which is the concentration of a large number of nerve endings. That is why it is useful to massage the feet - it has a positive effect on the entire body as a whole. But its quality directly depends on the massager, the choice of which must be taken very carefully.

How to choose a foot massager
How to choose a foot massager


Step 1

Be clear about your requirements for the massager. Vibration massage, compression massage or roller - all these functions can either be combined in one massager, or go separately in different ones. In addition, there are a number of additional functions. For example, heating, which allows you to get even more pleasure from the process.

Step 2

Now stop at the type of massage. Today, the most popular are hydromassage, vibration and pneumatic massage. In principle, other massagers are practically not made now. In addition, the type of massage is highly dependent on the design of the massager itself. Now small models with a vibrating platform are actively replacing larger devices equipped with massage rollers. In addition, the massage is of higher quality.

Step 3

Decide which area you would like to massage. Massagers can be divided into universal and highly targeted, made specifically for the feet. Naturally, the difference lies primarily in the price. Some models are even capable of massaging toes.

Step 4

Look at the number of programs available. Good massagers know how to "do" intensive stroking of the legs, rubbing them and warm-up, as well as simple vibration. In addition, the functionality should allow not only to select the program, but also to indicate its intensity and duration.

Step 5

When buying a foot massager, be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer. Since these are rather complex devices, they can fail from time to time. This means that there should be service centers in the country, and preferably in the city. If you choose a model based on this, then working with it will be much easier and cheaper. Especially considering that the massager itself is quite an expensive device.

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