How To Treat Gastritis

How To Treat Gastritis
How To Treat Gastritis

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Almost all people are susceptible to such a disease as gastritis, to a greater or lesser extent. Metabolic disorders, improper diet, overeating, especially if such overeating is associated with the simultaneous use of alcoholic beverages, liver and kidney disease - these are the reasons leading to acute gastritis.

How to treat gastritis
How to treat gastritis

A mild form of acute gastritis, caused by plentiful or spicy food, pass quickly enough, sometimes without any treatment. It is enough to take a drug that relieves pain. Severe forms can last up to two weeks and then gastritis must be treated. It should be noted that severe, protracted diseases of acute gastritis can become chronic and proceed with periodic fading and exacerbations.

An indispensable and prerequisite for the treatment of gastritis is diet. With increased acidity, a stomach-friendly diet is provided. Foods should be boiled in water or steam and have a pureed or highly minced appearance. The diet excludes:

  • fatty meat and fish broths, mushrooms and sauces;
  • sour foods and spicy foods;
  • raw vegetables.

With low acidity, the following requirements are imposed on the diet:

  • the use of foods with a high content of coarse vegetable fiber should be reduced. In this case, the main emphasis is on vegetable and cereal soups and cereals;
  • shredded look.

For any type of gastritis, the fruit must be peeled.

It is impossible not to mention the drugs that relieve spasms. These are the medicines we use when we need to treat gastritis. With increased acidity, these are drugs that help reduce it, such as almagel and atropine, and with low acidity, drugs that heal the walls of the stomach, reduce pain and relieve spasms. And, of course, mineral water such as Essentuki No. 17, Borjomi, which stimulate the secretory function of the stomach. It should be drunk an hour before meals, always warm.

Folk remedies are very effective in the treatment of gastritis:

  • water or alcohol infusion of chaga. Chaga - normalize the functions of the digestive glands;
  • fees containing plants with a choleretic effect, which must be drunk half an hour before meals;
  • green apples, peeled and finely chopped. Must be taken in the morning;
  • plantain juice - heals well small ulcers on the walls of the stomach, relieves pain.

Follow your diet! Be healthy!

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