How To Get Rid Of Pain

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How To Get Rid Of Pain
How To Get Rid Of Pain

Painful sensations are a danger signal that the body gives. The pain does not arise just like that, most often, it appears as a result of inflammatory processes or vasospasm. Before dealing with the elimination of pain, you need to find out what kind of pain it is, and what it is connected with.

How to get rid of pain
How to get rid of pain


Step 1

With pain in the abdomen, you can take "No-shpu". It helps with menstrual pain, liver cramps and intestinal cramps. Serves as an antispasmodic. You can take two tablets for pain in the head, in some cases it helps.

Step 2

Toothache can be eliminated with drugs "Analgin", "Toothed" and others. To improve the effect, put a piece of analgin in the cavity of the tooth, this will give a local analgesic effect

Step 3

Pain in the pancreas relieves "Pancreatin" or "Mezim". All other medicines can only be taken as directed by a doctor.

Step 4

Joint pain disappears after taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Such as "Nise", "Diclofenac", "Indomethacin", "Ibuprofen" or "Nemisulide". To improve the effect, smear the sore spot with an ointment that also contains non-steroidal agents.

Step 5

To relieve muscle pain, especially during colds, you can use "Aspirin". It helps well in effervescent tablets, as it is absorbed by the body faster and better.

You can also take "Paracetamol". It will relieve pain and lower the temperature.

Step 6

If you cannot understand what hurts you, then it is better not to accept any remedies. This is especially true for acute pain. Sometimes taking analgesics interferes with the diagnosis of the disease and blurs the overall picture of the disease, misleading the patient and the doctor.

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