How To Choose Cough Pills

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How To Choose Cough Pills
How To Choose Cough Pills

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A cough can indicate many different diseases: from a banal allergy to a severe infection. However, when choosing medications, you should not rely on only one diagnosis. To achieve a therapeutic effect, it is important to determine the cause and nature of the cough.

How to choose cough pills
How to choose cough pills


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In the respiratory tract of a person, mucus is constantly produced. In some diseases, its amount increases, and the body launches a defense mechanism to remove it - a cough. But sometimes it is caused by a disturbance in the functioning of the central nervous system. In this case, sputum is formed in normal quantities, and the person begins to worry about a painful dry cough.

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Medicines are prescribed depending on the nature of the cough. A moist cough indicates that a lot of mucus has accumulated in the airways. If you do not take measures to remove it, the situation will only worsen. There are frequent cases of the addition of a bacterial infection and the transition of the disease from the acute stage to the chronic one. To avoid complications from a wet cough, take medications that thin the viscous phlegm and make it easier to clear. These include tablets based on ambroxol (Ambrobene, Flavamed, Lazolvan, etc.), acetylcysteine ​​(ACC, Fluimucil, Mukobene, etc.), Bromhexin, Mucaltin and many other expectorant drugs.

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Use an antitussive medication to treat an unproductive dry cough. These include "Stoptussin", "Codelac", "Bronchikum", "Sinekod", "Terpinkod" and other pills that block the cough center. However, remember that the listed medicines should never be used to treat a wet cough. By disabling the body's defense mechanisms, you run the risk of getting serious complications in the form of pneumonia or bronchitis.

Step 4

If a cough occurs as a reaction to certain substances (plants, foods, household chemicals, dust, animal hair, etc.), take antihistamines (Zirtek, Claritin and others).

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