At What Age Is It Better To Give Birth

At What Age Is It Better To Give Birth
At What Age Is It Better To Give Birth

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It so happened in society that the age from 20 to 25 is considered ideal for the birth of the first child. But what if a woman has other plans, and career comes first? It is worth listening to the opinion of doctors, psychologists and people with extensive life experience.

At what age is it better to give birth
At what age is it better to give birth

Pregnancy at a young age of 18-20 years, from the point of view of physiology, is a natural process for the body and proceeds quite easily. In addition, by these years, the female body, as a rule, has not yet been weakened by various unfavorable factors, for example, smoking, alcohol, numerous stresses, etc. By the age of 18, a young woman does not have time to acquire a number of chronic diseases, such a tendency is outlined by the age of 30-35. But this is from the point of view of physiology.

Psychologists say that at the age of 18-20, many young mothers, like their peer fathers, are not ready for a new social role. Therefore, there are so frequent cases when grandparents are engaged in raising children of young parents. Also, very many marriages entered into soon after the age of majority, alas, break up - the infantilism of young spouses affects.

If you listen to the advice of people wise in life experience, most of them boil down to fears for a young family with a child in connection with their precarious financial situation. After all, few young people have their own apartment and a stable job with a good salary at this age. So it turns out that a young family will, willy-nilly, depend on their parents, which, as a rule, does not lead to anything good.

But, despite the quite favorable assessment of doctors regarding pregnancy at 18-20 years old, most of them still believe that the most optimal age for the birth of the first child is 21-26 years. At this age, all systems of the body are already finally formed and aimed at performing the reproductive function. As a rule, women do not have time to make serious health problems, and they are psychologically already ready to master a new role. The financial situation of the spouses in this period, in most cases, already allows them to seriously think about the offspring.

At the same time, many Russian modern women are in no hurry to have children up to 30 years old, like European ladies, making a career or arguing the situation with no less serious reasons. Modern medicine sees no serious obstacles to the birth of the first child at the age of 30 or 35 and at a later age.

However, you must understand that every year, especially after 35 years, the risk of complications increases both for you and for the unborn child. First, the health of a 35-year-old woman, as a rule, already differs from that of a 25-year-old woman, and the likelihood of a complicated pregnancy and childbirth increases; the risk of Down's syndrome also increases; the likelihood of breast cancer in women who gave birth to their first child after 30 years, etc., increases 3 times. Yes, and as psychologists say, a child of parents at an age often has various psychological complexes and it is more difficult to find a common language with others.

However, if you are over 30 and you are just planning to give birth to your first child, do not despair. It is likely that everything will be fine with you and your baby will be born healthy, the main thing is faith in the best and a positive attitude.

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