How To Treat Biliary Dyskinesia

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How To Treat Biliary Dyskinesia
How To Treat Biliary Dyskinesia

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Biliary dyskinesia (BAD) is an incomplete, untimely or excessive contraction of the muscles of the sphincters of the biliary tract or gallbladder, which in turn leads to a violation of the outflow of bile. There are the following options (types) of DWVP: hypertensive and hypotonic; hyperkinetic and hypokinetic.

How to treat biliary dyskinesia
How to treat biliary dyskinesia


Step 1

Treatment of vein dysplasia should begin with the normalization of nutrition, rest and work. For hypertensive variant, a diet with the exception of spicy, fried foods, various seasonings, smoked meats, and alcohol is recommended. Food intake is carried out in small portions, often. With the hypokinetic type of DVP, the diet is somewhat expanded.

Step 2

From the first days of treatment, changes in the autonomic nervous system of the patient are corrected. In case of hypertensive type of DVP, sedatives are necessarily prescribed: infusion of valerian, motherwort, bromides. In case of hypotonic type of DVP, it is recommended to take tonic drugs: tincture of ginseng, eleutherococcus extract, leuzea, lemongrass, aralia.

Step 3

With pain syndrome, antispasmodics are prescribed, and collections of medicinal herbs that have a sedative effect can be used. In case of severe pain syndrome, treatment should be carried out in a hospital for two weeks, and then in a specialized local sanatorium. To free the gallbladder from bile, duodenal soundings are performed. In the presence of intrahepatic cholestasis, it is recommended to carry out tyubages with a frequency of up to 2 times a week. At the same time, tonic drugs, cholekinetics and choleretics are used. Choleretics are not prescribed with increased activity of ALT or hepatic enzyme.

Step 4

With the hypertensive type of JVP, nicodine, oxafenamide, mineral waters of low mineralization (Smirnovskaya, Slavyanovskaya, Narzan, Essentuki 20, 4 heated or hot 5 times a day) are prescribed. For phytotherapy, peppermint, chamomile flowers, licorice root, motherwort herb, rose hips, valerian root are used. In the hypotonic type, magnesium sulfate, flamin, pancreosimin, cholecystokinin, mineral waters of high mineralization (Arzni, Essentuki 17, etc., slightly warmed or room temperature 30 minutes before meals). From phytotherapy used: immortelle flowers, chamomile, corn stigmas, nettle leaves, St. John's wort, rose hips.

Step 5

With the hyperkinetic type of DVP, antispasmodic drugs are prescribed in a short course, magnesium and potassium preparations, mineral waters of low mineralization in a heated form 5 times a day. Medicinal herbs: licorice root, peppermint, chamomile flowers, valerian root, dill fruit. With a hypokinetic type, it is recommended to take sorbitol, xylitol, cholecystokinin, magnesium sulfate, as well as to take mineral waters of high mineralization slightly warmed up or at room temperature 30 minutes before meals. Herbal medicine as in hypotonic type.

When a helminthic invasion, giardiasis is detected, anthelmintic therapy (pyrantel, vermox and other drugs) is mandatory.

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