How To Treat Goose Bumps

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How To Treat Goose Bumps
How To Treat Goose Bumps

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It is unlikely that goose bumps can be cured, but you can make it less noticeable with the help of various means. Goose bumps refers to dermatological diseases, but doctors can do little to help the patient, since there are simply no specific remedies for treatment. To hide visible symptoms, use the available beauty treatments.

How to treat goose bumps
How to treat goose bumps

It is necessary

  • - peeling;
  • - blue or red clay;
  • - Burr oil;
  • - badger fat;
  • - olive oil;
  • - vitamins A, E, C.


Step 1

Buy peeling with enzymes and fruit acids. First wash in hot water (the hotter the better). And when the skin is slightly steamed, cleanse it with a scrub. For washing, it is better to use a loofah with an anti-cellulite effect, it will remove the stratum corneum, which will somewhat improve the skin color.

Step 2

Make masks out of blue or red clay. Add a little olive oil to the diluted gruel and apply the mixture to problem areas. Then rinse off the clay under running water.

Step 3

Add several capsules of vitamin E and A to the body milk. After shave cream has a good effect on the skin, as it contains high doses of these vitamins and essential oils that soften the skin. But be careful, especially if your skin is too sensitive, allergic reactions to vitamins may occur.

Step 4

Apply burdock oil to goose bumps and wrap with cellophane wrap to enhance the effect. After 2-3 hours, wash off the oil with warm water and a neutral soap or shower gel.

Step 5

Buy badger fat from the pharmacy. Rub it into problem areas of the skin. Repeat the procedure once a day for one week. Then rub in the fat for prophylaxis every 7-10 days. Of course, the procedure is not entirely pleasant, but it helps well.

Step 6

If you have money to carry out salon procedures, then you can use the help of professionals. Chocolate wraps and seaweed masks have a good effect. You will also receive expert advice from a specialist who can advise on other methods of getting rid of goose bumps.

Step 7

Take vitamin complexes. If you cannot tolerate this or that component, then drink vitamin A, C and E. Try to eat a variety of foods, it will not be superfluous to gain a few kilograms of weight, because sometimes goose bumps appear from excessive thinness.

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