Why Does Ears Clog?

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Why Does Ears Clog?
Why Does Ears Clog?

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An unpleasant feeling of ear congestion has been encountered in every person's life. Moreover, this condition, as a rule, does not cause pain, except for those reasons when it carries the symptoms of the disease. The main explanation for this phenomenon is the difference, sometimes even insignificant, in atmospheric pressure. Given this factor, the main causes of ear congestion can be identified.

Why does ears clog?
Why does ears clog?


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Inflammation of the auditory tube

This type of inflammation usually occurs during a cold or runny nose. Also, the reason may be due to a deviated nasal septum, with polyps or sinusitis. If you suspect inflammation of the auditory tube, be sure to seek the help of a specialist. It is a professional doctor who will be able to correctly diagnose and prescribe the necessary course of treatment.

Step 2

Sensorineural hearing loss

This problem can arise due to insufficient blood supply to the auditory nerve, due to its damage. As a result, the person begins to hear poorly. The reasons for this manifestation: the consequence after a brain injury, ischemic brain disease, hypertension. If your ears often clog up with a cold or runny nose, do not risk it, do an audiogram. It is this procedure that will help you identify changes in hearing.

Step 3

Postponed otitis media

Very often, having suffered from otitis media in childhood, adhesions may remain on the eardrum. It is their presence that limits the movement of the membrane, thereby causing a feeling of congestion in the ears. Remember, only a specialist can fix the cause of this problem. Therefore, seek medical attention immediately.

Step 4

Change in atmospheric pressure

The fact is that the change in pressure (in an elevator, in an airplane) in the middle ear occurs with some delay, which temporarily reduces the ability to conduct sounds. To correct this discomfort, it is necessary to open the auditory tube using normal swallowing movements.

Step 5

If water gets into the auditory tube while bathing, gently clean your ear with a cotton swab and swallow several times.

Step 6

In case of blockage of the ear canal by a foreign body or sulfur plug, be sure to consult an otolaryngologist. A professional doctor will give you an ear wash and prescribe a specific course of treatment.

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