How To Treat Infectious Mononucleosis

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How To Treat Infectious Mononucleosis
How To Treat Infectious Mononucleosis

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The causative agent of infectious mononucleosis - Filatov's disease - is the Epstein-Barr virus. Infection occurs by airborne droplets as a result of close contact between the patient and the healthy. It manifests itself as a sore throat, aggravated by swallowing, nausea and headache. Lymph nodes are enlarged, liver and spleen are damaged. The appearance of rashes on the skin, yellowness is possible.

How to treat infectious mononucleosis
How to treat infectious mononucleosis

It is necessary

  • - chicory root, marshmallow, burdock, fireweed leaf, mint herb;
  • - succession herb, yarrow, immortelle flowers, calendula;
  • - hydrogen peroxide 3%, fir oil.


Step 1

The diagnosis is made on the basis of laboratory and clinical data. There is an increase in lymphocytes by more than 15%, "atypical" mononuclear cells appear in the blood. Serological studies reveal the presence of heterophilic antibodies to the erythrocytes of various animals.

Step 2

There is no specific therapy, therefore, symptomatic therapy is used in practice. It consists in adherence to bed rest, during the period of fever - taking antipyretics and drinking plenty of fluids. Nutrition should be complete, rich in vitamins.

Step 3

To reduce the manifestations of sore throat, gargle with a solution of salted water, furacilin, baking soda.

Step 4

If complications arise, the doctor prescribes antibacterial drugs.

Step 5

Use traditional medicine recipes. To gargle, take the following plants - chicory root, marshmallow, burdock, fireweed leaf, mint herb. Grind and mix all components taken in equal proportions. Brew 300 ml of boiling water in a thermos 2 tablespoons of the collection overnight. After straining, gargle 5-7 times a day between meals.

Step 6

For internal use, prepare the following collection. In an equal amount, take the herb of the string, yarrow, immortelle flowers and calendula, chop, mix. Brew a tablespoon of the collection with a glass of boiling water and leave in a warm place for 2 hours. Filter and drink 50 ml 3-4 times a day. The course of admission is at least 10 days.

Step 7

Fir oil is considered an effective treatment for angina with mononucleosis. First, gargle with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution - a tablespoon per 100 ml of warm water. Then draw fir oil into a 2 ml syringe for injections and irrigate the tonsils with it.

Step 8

Also, put 2 drops of oil into each nostril. Repeat the procedure 3 times a day. First, there is an active burning sensation, sputum from the nose, lacrimation. But after 10-15 minutes, the discomfort disappears.

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