How To Treat Hypertrichosis

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How To Treat Hypertrichosis
How To Treat Hypertrichosis

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Hypertrichosis is the excessive growth of facial and body hair. And although this disease occurs among men, women tolerate it much more painfully. Dark hairs above the upper lip, on the chin and back reflect on the emotional state of a woman, serve as the subject of complexes and excessive nervousness. Fortunately, this problem can be dealt with.

How to treat hypertrichosis
How to treat hypertrichosis

It is necessary

  • - shaving cream;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - ammonia.


Step 1

If you notice that dark hair began to appear on uncharacteristic places of your body and face, then first, remember - in no case should you shave it off, pluck it out with tweezers or rub it with a pumice stone. By your actions, you, of course, remove them, but new hairs will grow again, only even darker and thicker.

Step 2

Remember that excessive hair growth is a symptom of a malfunctioning body. In women, this disease is usually associated with hormonal imbalance, adrenal or ovarian disease. To begin with, be sure to consult an endocrinologist. In order to cure hypertrichosis, you must first eliminate its cause.

Step 3

A variety of depilatory creams or waxes are often used to remove unwanted facial and body hair. Unfortunately, the effect of this procedure does not last long - after a few weeks the hairs grow back again. In addition, such products can cause allergies on the delicate skin of the face.

Step 4

A more reliable method of treatment is epilation, as a result of which not only the hair is destroyed, but also its bulb. In modern cosmetology, laser hair removal is often used, during which the hair is removed by acting on the pigment. This procedure is only possible if the hair is dark enough.

Step 5

Another effective method of treatment is electrolysis, during which the hair follicle is destroyed by an electric discharge. The duration of one procedure is approximately 5-30 minutes. But women with severe hypertrichosis need to repeat such sessions for several months.

Step 6

You can try and bleach your hair at home. To prepare the desired product, you will need a small amount of shaving cream, a tablespoon of 5% hydrogen peroxide and 5-6 drops of ammonia. Mix all the ingredients and apply to the desired areas of the skin. Once the mixture is completely dry, rinse it off. Regularly carrying out such procedures, you can make the hairs thin, colorless and almost invisible.

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