How To Cure A Herniated Disc

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How To Cure A Herniated Disc
How To Cure A Herniated Disc

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A herniated disc is the most serious manifestation of osteochondrosis, which consists in dystrophic changes in the spine. It represents the displacement of the deformed disc. With this disease, a person can lose their ability to work and even get a disability.

How to cure a herniated disc
How to cure a herniated disc

It is necessary

  • - bed rest;
  • - a course of injections;
  • - extractor hood;
  • - acupuncture;
  • - corset;
  • - massage.


Step 1

The hernia falls to the side and compresses the nerve, resulting in inflammation and swelling. Pain due to a pinched nerve appears in different parts of the leg, in addition, sensations of weakness and numbness and decreased sensitivity are possible.

Step 2

The disease manifests itself under various circumstances. Usually an attack occurs after lifting weights, physical overstrain, an uncomfortable position at the desk, a long stay in a car, etc. Also, a sharp pain can strike suddenly and intensify with the slightest movements.

Step 3

If you are faced with this disease, do not panic. Despite the fact that the treatment process is not easy and recovery does not occur immediately, it is possible to cope with the disease.

Step 4

First of all, you will need complete rest and, if possible, bed rest. However, you need to lie with your legs raised. This will help ease your condition. Place a large pillow or roller under your feet.

Step 5

Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medications will be needed to relieve inflammation, swelling, and pain. Doctors usually prescribe injections of these drugs. After a course of injections, in some cases, suppositories or tablets may be prescribed.

Step 6

Spine traction has long been an effective technique for treating disc herniation and relieving pain. Thanks to the traction, a pressure drop is created between the vertebrae, and the hernia is, as it were, absorbed. If the procedure is carried out by a qualified specialist, the patient's condition improves.

Step 7

In some cases, the doctor will prescribe acupuncture and massage sessions. However, during an exacerbation, you need to massage the back very carefully so as not to aggravate the patient's condition. It is also recommended to wear a support corset.

Step 8

In extreme cases, if conservative treatment does not work, they resort to surgical intervention.

Step 9

There are alternative methods for treating herniated discs. You will need fir oil, honey, mummy and cinquefoil. Prepare the ointment first. Dissolve 1 tablet of mummy in 100 g of honey. Apply fir oil to the sore spot, then ointment. For 5 minutes, massage your back with patting movements of your palms. After the massage, wash off the ointment and lubricate clean, dry skin with tincture of cinquefoil. Then wrap your back. Tincture of cinquefoil can also be taken orally. Dissolve 1 teaspoon in a little water and drink 3 times daily before meals. The course of treatment with this method is 30 days.

Step 10

Chop fresh Kalanchoe leaves. Place the resulting gruel on your back, fix with a bandage and plaster and leave overnight. The course consists of 14 procedures.

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