How To Identify The Symptoms Of Bronchitis

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How To Identify The Symptoms Of Bronchitis
How To Identify The Symptoms Of Bronchitis

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Outwardly, the symptoms of bronchitis are similar to those of other colds. The causative agents of bronchitis are viruses and bacteria that enter the body through the respiratory tract. Pathogens reduce the protective ability of the mucous membranes and lead to a general weakening of the immune system.

How to identify symptoms of bronchitis
How to identify symptoms of bronchitis


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The main symptom of bronchitis is coughing. Most often, at the initial stage of the disease, the cough is dry, but with timely treatment, the patient begins to clear his throat after 3-4 days. The green tint of sputum indicates the bacterial nature of the disease. Sometimes the cough turns into attacks, during which a person feels a throbbing pain in the temples or dizziness. Shortness of breath may appear. Due to the frequent contractions of the muscles when coughing, pain occurs in the lower chest. When listening to breathing, dry wheezing is observed. The body temperature is kept around 37 degrees. During acute bronchitis, it rises to 38-39 degrees, the patient feels severe weakness. Symptoms of bronchitis in a child are the same as in an adult: cough, shortness of breath, fever.

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As a rule, bronchitis is cured within 7-14 days from the date of diagnosis. This disease can be chronic. If bronchial cough is observed for 3 months in one year and another 3 months in the next year, doctors diagnose chronic bronchitis. Its symptoms are a severe cough in the morning (sometimes at night) with a discharge of mucopurulent sputum. Body temperature is kept at around 37 degrees. In cold weather, the cough may worsen, severe shortness of breath and dry wheezing appear. Chronic bronchitis is accompanied by increased fatigue and sweating. During an exacerbation of the disease, respiratory failure is possible.

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To protect yourself from illness, observe basic hygiene rules, quit smoking, drink multivitamin complexes. Treat runny nose and laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx) as they can cause bronchitis. Don't overcool, dress for the weather, keep your feet warm.

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