How To Treat Elephantiasis

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How To Treat Elephantiasis
How To Treat Elephantiasis

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Elephantiasis is popularly called lymphedema. A person with this ailment develops edema due to constant lymph congestion. As a result, the skin and subcutaneous tissue grow, the limbs swell to enormous sizes, losing their previous shape.

How to treat elephantiasis
How to treat elephantiasis


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Most often, the inhabitants of the tropical zone are exposed to this disease, where it is caused by parasitic worms, which are carried by mosquitoes. Also, elephantiasis can develop as a result of radiation, surgical interventions associated with the removal of lymph nodes, and cancer, in which metastases begin to interfere with the normal flow of lymph.

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During the course of the disease, three stages are distinguished. At the first stage, a person may notice small, soft to the touch swelling. They form, as a rule, on the limbs and disappear after physical exertion. This symptom is often overlooked and the disease progresses to the next stage.

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The swelling becomes denser, the body weight of the sick person increases. The limbs lose proportion. At this stage, as soon as symptoms become visible, it is very important to start treatment. Otherwise, the disease will enter the third stage, when it will no longer be possible to reverse it. A deformed limb deprives a person of the ability to move, and the risk of trophic ulcers threatens his life.

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Among the methods of treating elephantiasis, the first place is given to lymphomassage, which helps to normalize blood lymph flow. When performing massage, the patient should be dressed in clothing made of compression hosiery. She puts a certain pressure on the lymph, facilitating its movement.

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Surgical intervention is also practiced in the treatment of lymphedema. During surgery, additional tubules are created in the affected limbs for the movement of lymph in a microsurgical way. As a result, the swelling decreases and disappears.

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In modern specialized clinics, the latest methods of treating various parts of the body from elephantiasis are used. The main task of these methods is effective decompression and minimal trauma to the skin, as well as detection of the disease at an early stage.

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