How To Treat Scleroderma

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How To Treat Scleroderma
How To Treat Scleroderma

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Scleroderma cannot be completely cured, but it is possible to achieve permanent improvements in health. Treatment includes adherence to recommendations, taking medications, exercise therapy, massage, physiotherapy, spa treatment, acupuncture, blood purification with apparatus, plastic surgery.

How to treat scleroderma
How to treat scleroderma

It is necessary

  • - ointments with hyaluronic acid, lidase, corticosteroids;
  • - vasodilator drugs;
  • - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


Step 1

Do not overcool, wear warm clothes. In cold weather, wear mittens instead of gloves. Cold causes vasospasm, which will worsen your condition.

Step 2

Do not wear tight clothing and shoes. They constrict the capillaries and impair the blood supply.

Step 3

Minimize your time in the sun by using sunscreen. The sun aggravates the cutaneous manifestations of scleroderma.

Step 4

Stop smoking and drinking coffee. Nicotine and caffeine constrict blood vessels, reduce blood flow to organs and tissues, and as a result, the disease progresses.

Step 5

Avoid stress, it adversely affects the course of the disease.

Step 6

Do not perform heavy physical work, as well as work involving harsh chemicals.

Step 7

Treat all infections in your body in a timely manner. Any of them will exacerbate the course of scleroderma.

Step 8

Use ointments with hyaluronic acid, lidase, corticosteroids to reduce the severity of lesions on the skin. Lidase can also be used for electrophoresis.

Step 9

Take vasodilator medications to relieve vasospasm and improve blood flow to the skin.

Step 10

Take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, to reduce inflammation in the body. Check with your doctor, perhaps he will prescribe stronger drugs for this purpose.

Step 11

Massage the affected areas of skin, joints, and muscles. This will increase blood flow to them and improve tissue nutrition.

Step 12

Engage in physiotherapy exercises, it will help maintain the amount of movement that you had before the illness.

Step 13

Get treatment in the resorts of Sochi, Pyatigorsk and the like. Mineral waters, mud therapy and medicinal baths will improve your condition.

Step 14

If cosmetic defects from scleroderma cause you inconvenience, contact your surgeon for plastic surgery.

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