How To Treat Chronic Colitis

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How To Treat Chronic Colitis
How To Treat Chronic Colitis

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You do not have to deal with chronic colitis treatment if your diet is complete, regular and rational. This disease does not threaten people with healthy teeth and a strong nervous system. Many others will have to follow a special diet.

How to treat chronic colitis
How to treat chronic colitis


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Diseases in which inflammatory changes occur in the colon are referred to as chronic colitis. During an exacerbation, doctors prescribe antibacterial and symptomatic agents for treatment. Strict diets are the mainstay of treatment.

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The first few days are the hardest. During this period, diet number 4a is prescribed. It is necessary to completely exclude milk, you can not eat raw vegetables, you must give up fruits. To slow down the movement of food through the intestines, you need to enrich your diet with low-fat meat and fish broths, adding slimy broths to them. You can eat white breadcrumbs, boiled mashed meat, steamed dishes, mashed porridge in water, jelly. It is better to drink tea or cocoa in water.

Step 3

The main diet for chronic colitis is diet No. 4b, which is gentle in its composition, with a high protein content. This is a physiologically complete diet, in which preference is given to dried white bread, soups with boiled vegetables, cereals, noodles, lean boiled meat, cereals with milk, omelets, mild cheese, dairy products, unleavened cottage cheese, jelly, grated compotes, jam. It is not forbidden to add butter to ready meals with this diet.

Step 4

The period of remission is characterized by the use of diet No. 4v, in which salt intake is limited to 8 g, products that can enhance the processes of fermentation and decay are excluded. These are legumes, lamb and pork. In addition, it is not recommended to include foods that irritate the liver in the diet. This applies to spicy, salty, fried foods and marinades. Boiled vegetable salads, lean ham, and soaked herring are all allowed. A small amount of juices and fruits won't hurt either.

Step 5

Cold dishes are contraindicated for patients who have a tendency to diarrhea, and in case of constipation, one should eat boiled vegetables in combination with chopped meat.

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