How To Treat Arthritis With Folk Remedies

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How To Treat Arthritis With Folk Remedies
How To Treat Arthritis With Folk Remedies

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There are many types of arthritis, a disease in which the joints become inflamed. Treatment of this disease with folk remedies is popular today due to the fact that it is quite effective and absolutely safe.

How to treat arthritis with folk remedies
How to treat arthritis with folk remedies

It is necessary

  • - cabbage leaf
  • - honey
  • - mustard
  • - celery
  • - marsh cinquefoil


Step 1

The main task of folk remedies in the treatment of arthritis is to relieve inflammation. Cabbage works very well for this. The cabbage leaf is cut with a knife, then slightly warmed up, smeared with honey, and applied to the sore spot. The sheet must be well attached, wrapped with cellophane on top, and wrapped in a warm scarf or scarf. It is advisable to leave such a compress overnight. If the disease has not turned into a chronic form, several procedures will be enough to relieve the inflammatory process.

Step 2

You can treat arthritis with folk remedies with mustard. Sore joints need warmth, so it is useful to use a mustard compress from time to time during treatment.

Step 3

There are plants whose sap also helps to reduce inflammation. Stiff joints indicate that there is a lack of sodium in the body. But there is a lot of it in celery, so it is taken orally for sore joints. Drink juice a couple of times a day, taking 2 teaspoons. Another option for taking is an infusion of celery. With two glasses of boiling water, pour one tablespoon of celery roots, insist for four hours, and take a tablespoon three times a day half an hour before meals.

Step 4

To treat arthritis with folk remedies, a recipe will help, the main component of which is marsh cinquefoil. With the help of this plant, you can remove salts from the body and reduce joint inflammation. It is necessary to be treated using a tincture of cinquefoil within a year, taking breaks after the next course. The tincture is prepared in this way: we grind 100 g of dry cinquefoil and fill it with a liter of vodka, we insist for 21 days. Take a solution by diluting one tablespoon of the infusion in 50 ml of water. You need to drink before meals no more than 3 times a day. You can also rub the sore joints with tincture of saber.

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