How To Treat Intestinal Atony

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How To Treat Intestinal Atony
How To Treat Intestinal Atony

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Intestinal atony is a functional disorder of the motor activity of the intestinal walls. A mild form of atony causes constipation, a severe form of intestinal obstruction. This disease is often the result of irregular nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition with the use of refined foods and a small amount of fiber, a decrease in the general tone of the body. Traditional medicine recommends the use of food products and medicinal herbs that enhance intestinal motility.

How to treat intestinal atony
How to treat intestinal atony

It is necessary

  • - kelp algae;
  • - bran;
  • - flax seeds;
  • - unrefined sunflower oil;
  • - White cabbage;
  • - elecampane root.


Step 1

For intestinal atony, take a tablespoon of kelp with each meal, at least 3 tablespoons a day. Laminaria supplies the body with iodine, essential trace elements, and fiber, which is present in large quantities in it, will successfully fight constipation.

Step 2

Take 2 tablespoons of bran, which perfectly cleanse the intestines, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, have a great healing effect on the body, and pour boiling water. Consume this amount throughout the day. Can be added to food directly on the plate, or can be eaten with plenty of water. Drinking at least 2 liters of water per day is a prerequisite for easy bowel movement when using bran.

Step 3

To normalize bowel function, prepare flaxseed oil according to the following recipe. Take 100 grams of flaxseed (sold in a pharmacy), grind it into powder in a coffee grinder or blender, pour 0.6 liters into a jar and pour unrefined sunflower oil to the top of the jar. After mixing thoroughly, place for 21 days in a dark place, shaking daily. Take 1 teaspoon three times a day, half an hour before meals. At night, drink half a glass of yogurt with flaxseed oil diluted in it (1 teaspoon).

Step 4

With intestinal atony, take half a glass of fresh cabbage juice daily half an hour before meals. The course of admission is 15 days. Repeat the treatment every three months for a year.

Step 5

If the intestines are sluggish, drink an infusion of elecampane root. Take a tablespoon of chopped elecampane root, put it in a thermos and pour 400 ml of boiling water overnight. Filter in the morning and take 100 ml three times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is 2-3 weeks. Repeat the treatment every 3-4 months throughout the year.

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