How To Treat Transverse Flat Feet

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How To Treat Transverse Flat Feet
How To Treat Transverse Flat Feet

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If you suddenly begin to notice that the bones on the big toes have increased, that it is painful for you to wear shoes (especially in summer), this means that you have transverse flat feet. In this case, you should immediately consult an orthopedic doctor. Do not hesitate, because the earlier the treatment starts, the better.

How to treat transverse flat feet
How to treat transverse flat feet


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A specialist will examine and recommend one of the main treatments for transverse flat feet. The first of them is conservative, it is suitable only for the treatment of the first degree of the disease. The method itself is to reduce weight, reduce static load, and avoid "heels" and uncomfortable shoes. In addition, with conservative treatment, the patient is prescribed physiotherapy procedures, physiotherapy exercises, massage. The doctor may also recommend wearing insoles with special orthopedic rollers.

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Another method (operative) is used to treat second and third degree transverse flat feet. There are more than four hundred variations included in it, however, none of them eliminates the main cause of the onset of the disease - the weakness of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus. In extreme cases, surgery may be required, that is, muscle tendon transplant or joint capsule plastic surgery. After such an operation, the patient should wear shoes only with individual insoles and with insoles with a Seitz roller, as well as with instep supports.

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Do not give up traditional medicine recipes. Here's one: Take a 10% iodine solution and apply it to your thumb bone. This will help relieve inflammation and stop cartilage growth. True, be careful with iodine, do not use a highly concentrated solution, otherwise you will get a skin burn. The same recommendation can be given to compresses with the addition of vinegar essence. By the way, modern medicine offers a large selection of ointments, gels that can relieve joint inflammation and improve tissue nutrition. However, do not purchase such products yourself, consult your doctor.

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