How To Measure Basal Temperature

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How To Measure Basal Temperature
How To Measure Basal Temperature

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Under the influence of hormonal changes in a woman's body, the basal temperature changes, therefore, in different periods of the menstrual cycle, its indicators will be different. On the basis of these fluctuations, it is possible to fairly reliably determine the state of the female reproductive system. Many women know why to measure basal temperature, but not everyone knows how to do it correctly.

How to measure basal temperature
How to measure basal temperature

It is necessary

  • conventional medical thermometer;
  • paper and pen.


Step 1

Prepare a thermometer. This must be done in the evening, since the basal temperature is measured immediately after waking up, without getting out of bed. Either electronic or mercury thermometer can be used. If you use the latter, you should also shake it off before going to bed, since even a slight physical effort immediately before measuring the basal temperature will lead to its change. The thermometer should be at arm's length from the bed so that you do not have to get up behind it.

Step 2

Measure the temperature after waking up. The measurement can be taken in the mouth, in the vagina, or in the anus. It will take about 5 minutes to determine the temperature in the mouth, in other cases the time is reduced to 3 minutes. Many experts consider the rectal method to be the most reliable.

Step 3

Record the thermometer reading immediately. Be sure to note the factors that could affect the basal temperature: intercourse in the evening or in the morning, inflammatory diseases, medication, alcohol, stress.

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