How To Temper Properly

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How To Temper Properly
How To Temper Properly

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Cold douches recharge the entire body. Thanks to this, it is renewed, an increase in strength. The reason for this is the rapid and sharp effect of cold on the body, which normally has the same temperature. The strongest current arises under the influence of cold water. However, for hardening to be beneficial, you must follow the rules.

How to temper properly
How to temper properly

It is necessary

  • - water,
  • - bucket,
  • - shower.


Step 1

Cold water must be poured all over the body at once. The impact on the body should be short, no more than 3 seconds. A similar effect can be achieved by diving headlong into the water or pouring a bucket of water over yourself. Many people prefer to harden themselves in the shower, but this approach is not entirely correct. The fact is that in this case the water is rolled in jets. Reaching the legs, they have time to heat up, and the body is cooled unevenly.

Step 2

Before hardening, it is necessary to warm up the body. Better with moderate exercise. In addition, you cannot wipe off after dousing. Heavy traffic in a warm room will help dry. So you will accustom the body to hardening, and the next time the body will react calmly to this procedure. Otherwise, pain in the lower back and hip joints may occur. The skin will lose too much moisture and become dry.

Step 3

Not everyone can immediately get used to such a procedure. In this case, you first need to pour a bucket of warm water over yourself, and then cold water. If it's hard to start with a bucket, use a shower.

Step 4

Warm up your body with exercise, then get in the shower and douse your body first with hot water, then warm, cool and finally cold water. Thus, the absence of an aggressive initial attitude will allow the body to move to a lower temperature with ease. When this happens, you can move on to pouring from the bucket.

Step 5

It is known that cold water and pathogenic energy are polar energies. When they unite, the neutralization of one and the other energy occurs. Getting rid of the disease comes.

Step 6

A quick effect can be achieved if you douche with water no higher than seven degrees. In this case, you should first pour out a bucket of warm water, then cold. Warm water affects the outer covers, cold water washes away warm water.

Step 7

The hardening procedure should not last more than two minutes, otherwise, instead of activating the functions of the body, they can be weakened and even paralyzed. Temper yourself correctly!

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