How To Give Up Alcohol

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How To Give Up Alcohol
How To Give Up Alcohol

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It is difficult to quit drinking for a long time. Here we have to talk about unprecedented willpower, and strong character, and much more. Not everyone is endowed with such traits and properties of nature. However, you can always try to give up alcohol. There are several techniques promoted by drug addiction doctors, as well as those whom they have helped. The techniques are simple, affordable and at the same time quite effective.

How to give up alcohol
How to give up alcohol


Step 1

Form a stable negative image of the process of drinking alcohol, and, most importantly, of its consequences. For example, “my addiction destroys my health, memory”, “I feel very bad the next day after drinking, I feel sick, shaking, cannot go on like this for a long time, I’m afraid the end will be terrible”. Or “alcohol deprives me of money, love of children, respect at work,” “I smell terrible when I drink, especially during a binge”, etc. Repeat these phrases to yourself day in and day out.

Step 2

Strive to acquire complete information about the effect of alcohol on the human body. Read, listen, watch. Absorb everything. For example, many alcoholics are very impressed by the information that even a single consumption of alcohol in small quantities destroys thousands of neurons - brain cells - irrevocably. The structure of the genetic code of DNA, which stores information about us and our future children, is changing radically. And also any dose of alcohol falls on the liver like an avalanche, the organ is under severe stress, as a result of which scars appear on it - in fact, dead areas, and all liver cells begin to decay steadily. True and complete information about the dangers of alcohol to an adequate person helps to refuse libations.

Step 3

You should have a powerful motivator to motivate you to quit alcohol. For example, the retention of a loved one, the birth of healthy children, a career that does not interfere with anything other than alcohol addiction. And also - to surprise everyone with your sports achievements, to save money on the purchase of what you have long dreamed of - a car, a summer house, a new apartment, a trip, etc.

Step 4

Firmly refuse to stay in companies in which you "must" drink - out of respect, for the company, for the hero of the day, for world peace … If you do not have the heart to directly name the reason for the refusal ("I quit drinking"), come up with various excuses - I am sick, I urgently need to leave, there is no one to leave the child with, I need to sit with my mother, and so on as appropriate.

Step 5

If you can’t refuse to attend an event where alcohol is supposed to be consumed, unnoticed by others, pour mineral water, juice, lemonade into the glass. If someone noticed and began to be indignant, say quietly (yes, you can publicly, but without going into details) that you are undergoing antibiotic treatment, and at the same time drinking is completely prohibited. You can compose many reasons, you know better - which will be believed faster.

Step 6

Get rid of your home's alcohol stocks. Even if you are a hospitable host, and you always have a drink at home (perhaps of your own preparation - tinctures, liqueurs, mash, moonshine), say goodbye to her. This also applies to beer in the refrigerator, sometimes a sip of a foamy drink ruins the results of many months' work. There should be no temptations.

Step 7

If you have a car, try to drive it everywhere. Even on a visit and on holidays. The phrase "I'm driving" in our time does not cause disdain, even the most annoying people who stick with the offer to drink, usually listen to it and lag behind.

Step 8

Don't ignore folk methods. Herbal medicine has not yet been canceled. For a long time, drunkenness was treated with thyme, hoof, ram, centaury. These are strong herbs and should be used with care. Their use is possible only with the free consent of the drinking person. It is better if a real herbalist does it.The most radical remedy is considered to be a decoction of the ram-ram herb. Take 40 g of herbs, boil in 1 liter of water over low heat for 15 minutes. The alcoholic is offered to drink 2 tbsp. spoons every hour until vomiting appears. You can give at this moment to sniff alcohol, bringing it to the very nose. Attention! - the grass is poisonous, exceeding the dose is excluded.

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