How To Treat A Cold While Breastfeeding

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How To Treat A Cold While Breastfeeding
How To Treat A Cold While Breastfeeding

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The common cold is not spread through breast milk. Therefore, you can not worry that the baby will also get sick. Do not stop breastfeeding. Together with breast milk, the baby receives antibodies.

How to treat a cold while breastfeeding
How to treat a cold while breastfeeding

It is necessary

  • - Decoction of chamomile, calendula, sage;
  • - furacilin solution;
  • - iodine;
  • - garlic;
  • - lemon.


Step 1

At the first sign of a cold, drink hot tea with raspberry or currant leaves. Add a pinch of black pepper and a spoonful of honey to it. This drink acts as an antipyretic agent and has no side effects. At elevated temperatures, paracetamol can be taken. But it is not recommended to use antipyretics, especially to increase the dose prescribed by the doctor. Temperature is a clear sign that the body is fighting infection.

Step 2

Rub the chest with fir oil or honey. After that, wrap yourself up in a warm blanket. Rub your feet with crushed garlic and put on woolen socks. Even children can be treated this way. For a runny nose and nasal congestion, rub one medium onion. Put the gruel on cheesecloth and apply a compress on the wings of the nose, leave for 20 minutes. It will immediately become easier to breathe. Also do iodine inhalation. Open the bottle of solution, pinch one nostril, and inhale the vapors with the other. Perform the procedure for 3 minutes.

Step 3

For sore throats, rinsing with a saline solution with iodine, furacilin, a decoction of calendula, St. John's wort or sage are useful. All these agents have an antiseptic effect. Take 1 tablespoon of chamomile and pour a glass of hot water. In an enamel bowl, bring the mixture to a boil. Strain and refrigerate. Gargle every 2 hours.

Step 4

If you have a runny nose, wear gauze bandages, do not sneeze or cough on your baby. Prepare a medicine for bronchitis. Pass 4 lemons through a meat grinder along with the peel. Chop 3 heads of garlic and pour in 1 liter of warm boiled water. Stir, cover and put in a cool dark place for 5 days. Stir occasionally. Use the finished product 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. For cough treatment, take 2 ripe bananas, chop in a blender. Pour in a glass of hot water and 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix thoroughly. Take 1 tablespoon throughout the day. Such a medicine can be given to children in the absence of diathesis and allergies.

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