How To Remove Stones On Teeth

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How To Remove Stones On Teeth
How To Remove Stones On Teeth

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Eighty out of a hundred people have plaque and tartar deposits. The cause of this problem is non-observance of the cleanliness of the oral cavity, the habit of chewing on one side of the gums, metabolic and salt disorders. There are different ways to remove calculus on teeth, it all depends on the stage at which the problem is.

How to remove stones on teeth
How to remove stones on teeth


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The first thing to do is, of course, see a doctor. If you postpone this, various complications may appear, such as chronic inflammation of the gums, bad breath and even complete intoxication of the body.

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There are three different ways to remove calculus from your teeth. The first is mechanical, for this purpose, special tools are used in the form of sickle-shaped hooks, with the help of which tartar is cleaved and scraped off. This method requires utmost precision and accuracy, because soft tissue can be damaged or the tooth itself can be scratched.

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The second method is chemical removal. For this, various desorbents and enzyme preparations are used. This method cannot be called effective, because drugs do not get well into hard-to-reach areas, moreover, it can adversely affect the oral mucosa and healthy teeth. It is very difficult to find the optimal antibiotic therapy.

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The third method is ultrasound removal. This technology is the most modern and most expensive, but it is also the most painless. For removal, a special installation is used that converts electricity into mechanical energy, a nozzle with a tip creates a cavitation effect. This effect is also useful because oxygen is released from the water during decomposition, which disinfects the oral cavity. The ultrasonic method sometimes has to be combined with the mechanical one.

Step 5

The last thing that remains after brushing is maintaining dental health, regular prophylaxis. It includes careful oral care, as well as eating a lot of solid foods (fresh vegetables, fruits).

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