How To Avoid A Miscarriage

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How To Avoid A Miscarriage
How To Avoid A Miscarriage

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A miscarriage is not only harmful to health, but also a psychological trauma for a woman. The threat of miscarriage makes its own adjustments in life and requires immediate hospitalization. However, unpleasant consequences can be avoided if you know and take preventive measures even before the onset of pregnancy itself or at the very beginning.

How to avoid a miscarriage
How to avoid a miscarriage


Step 1

It is important to undergo a medical examination and treat all diseases before planning a pregnancy. In case of an unplanned pregnancy, immediately after its establishment, be examined and observed by a gynecologist. During the entire period of bearing a child, undergo all prescribed ultrasound examinations in a timely manner.

Step 2

Without consulting a doctor, do not prescribe or take any medications, including vitamins.

Try to give up bad habits, eat well and in a balanced way.

Step 3

Take care of any physical activity. Do sports in moderation and without stress. Do not lift weights - this can provoke uterine tone.

Step 4

Try to avoid stress, it's a shame it's almost impossible. To be honest, almost all pregnant women experience depression and stress. But if the appropriate support comes from close people, then, regardless of the timing of pregnancy, the baby is not in danger.

Step 5

It is generally accepted that if the pregnancy is proceeding normally, then you can have sex almost until the very birth. However, some doctors, even with a normal pregnancy, prohibit such relationships, but their actions are not always justified, since sex life is a natural component in a woman's life.

Step 6

However, if your previous attempts to bear the baby ended in miscarriages or there was a threat of termination of pregnancy, then during the first trimester, completely exclude sexual intercourse. If doctors forbid intimate relationships, then perhaps they are afraid that the uterus will tone up at the time of orgasm, which may well lead to premature birth.

Step 7

Nobody but you can take care of your health. Follow the recommendations that your gynecologist gives, then everything will end quite well.

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