How To Restore Vision

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How To Restore Vision
How To Restore Vision

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There are quite a few ailments that significantly impair vision. These are glaucoma and cataracts, conjunctivitis and barley, keratitis and blepharitis, hyperopia and myopia. For some diseases, only an ophthalmologist surgeon can help, something is treated only in a medical facility, but everyone can provide preventive support to their eyes at home.

How to restore vision
How to restore vision

It is necessary

  • - oregano herb;
  • - white mistletoe herb;
  • - common cocklebur;
  • - mummy;
  • - calendula flowers;
  • - potato sprouts;
  • - honey;
  • - mint.


Step 1

For glaucoma, along with the medication prescribed by your doctor, take the following herbal tea. Take 35 grams of oregano and white mistletoe, 30 grams of cocklebur, chop, mix. Pour three tablespoons of the collection in a thermos with half a liter of boiling water and, leaving for 2 hours, strain. Take a third of a glass three times daily after meals.

Step 2

Take shilajit for vision problems. Dissolving 0, 2 grams of mummy in 200 ml of boiled warm water, take twice a day: on an empty stomach - before lunch and at night. The course is 20 days.

Step 3

For cataracts, prepare the following remedy. Take 3 teaspoons of crushed calendula flowers and, pouring them into a thermos, pour half a liter of boiling water in the evening. After filtering in the morning, take a quarter cup by mouth four times a day. At the same time, instill 2 drops of this infusion in each eye also 4 times a day. The course is a month.

Step 4

Prepare the potato sprouts tincture. After rinsing and chopping sprouts no more than 4-5 cm, fill them with half a half-liter jar, and pour 300 ml of vodka. After insisting 3 weeks in a dark place, filter the composition. Take 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day one hour after a meal.

Step 5

To restore vision, traditional medicine recommends using the following composition. Take in equal proportions mint juice, honey and distilled water, mix everything thoroughly with sterile instruments, pour into a sterilized bottle, which is placed in the refrigerator. Prepare the composition fresh every three days. Instill two drops in the morning and evening for a long time (up to six months).

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