How To Cure Food Allergies

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How To Cure Food Allergies
How To Cure Food Allergies

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Any allergic reaction to normal, harmless food or food ingredients is called food. Most often, proteins are allergens, but carbohydrates and fats are much less common. By the way, the true food allergy occurs in less than two percent of the population, and its cause is heredity. In children, allergies appear already in the first years of life.

How to cure food allergies
How to cure food allergies


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In order to cure it, it is imperative to consult a doctor. He will examine the child, analyze his diet, the diet of his parents, and prescribe a test (this will be needed to identify an ingredient that causes an allergic reaction). However, parents of very young children should not rely on the results of such studies, they often do not identify the reasons.

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The treatment itself seems simple enough: you just have to avoid the allergy-causing foods. To do this, it is necessary to draw up a special hypoallergenic diet (that is, excluding not only foods that have already caused allergies, but also those that can be potentially dangerous). Such notoriously allergenic products include eggs, cow's milk, chocolate (cocoa), mushrooms, nuts, honey, fruits, vegetables of red and orange shades, fish (and other seafood). All this you must completely remove from the diet of a baby between the ages of one and two years.

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By the way, you can fight allergic diseases with the help of other simple recommendations. First, pay attention to the fact that after heat treatment, the food will be less allergenic (the fact is that partial destruction of proteins occurs). Secondly, use less canned food (including homemade ones), since they contain a large amount of salt, sugar and vinegar; moreover, do not give them to small children. Also, keep track of not only what your child eats, but how often he does it. Food also should not be monotonous, it should be complete and balanced. All potentially dangerous products can be replaced with hypoallergenic ones, but containing no less nutrients and nutrients.

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