Why Honey Is Candied

Why Honey Is Candied
Why Honey Is Candied

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Honey is a valuable food product based on easily digestible sugars. It also contains phosphorus, protein, iron, and other trace minerals and vitamins to help promote bone growth and improve blood circulation.

Why honey is candied
Why honey is candied

Depending on the place where honey was collected, there are steppe, meadow and forest honey.

If it is collected mainly from one melliferous plant, for example, from acacia, raspberry, sunflower or linden, then it has a uniform consistency and receives the corresponding name: linden, fireweed, acacia. When honey is harvested from different plants, it is called mixed or floral.

During storage, you may find honey crystals on the bottom of the jar. The process of changing the consistency of honey from liquid to solid is called crystallization or sugaring. During this process, honey does not lose its beneficial properties, only its structure changes.

Crystallization of honey begins when sugar crystals appear in it. Since they are heavier than other particles contained in honey, they settle to the bottom of the container. This explains why sugaring starts from the bottom of the jar and gradually reaches its top.

The sugaring speed is different for each variety. The more cane sugar in honey, the faster this process occurs. So, honey collected from such plants crystallizes very quickly: colza, mustard, radish and rapeseed. At the same time, some varieties create large sugar crystals, others - small ones that resemble fondant.

If you wish, you can create honey crystallization yourself. To do this, mix a small amount of liquid and old candied honey until a homogeneous consistency. Then the resulting mixture is poured into a container with fresh liquid honey and stirred well again. In order for the honey to be sugared within one or two days, when mixing old and liquid honey, adhere to the following proportion: take one kilogram of liquid honey for one gram of old honey.

To get honey in the form of fondant, before mixing with fresh, a portion of old honey is thoroughly ground until small crystals are formed - this is what determines the size of the grains that are subsequently formed in fresh liquid honey.

When storing honey, it is important to consider its ability to retain moisture and do not forget that sunlight has a detrimental effect on the antimicrobial properties of honey. In this regard, it must be stored in an airtight container and in a dry, dark room.

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