How To Bring Down The Temperature During Pregnancy

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How To Bring Down The Temperature During Pregnancy
How To Bring Down The Temperature During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, a woman's body is less resistant to various infections and reacts more strongly to any internal changes. Diseases and ailments are often accompanied by fever. What to do in this case, because when a woman is expecting a baby, she cannot take many medicines?

How to bring down the temperature during pregnancy
How to bring down the temperature during pregnancy


Step 1

Do not rush to bring down the temperature, listening to the advice of friends or your loved ones, if it has risen slightly. Perhaps this is the body's reaction to an increase in hormonal levels. But to be sure of this, take tests and consult your doctor.

Step 2

If you catch a cold, but the temperature has not reached 38 degrees, you can start by drinking plenty of fluids in early pregnancy. Green tea and cranberry juice will help best. But in the last trimester of pregnancy, drinking a lot of fluids is not recommended.

Step 3

If the temperature is accompanied by a cough, drink milk with butter and honey and inhale with chamomile or boiled potatoes. Gargle with broths of chamomile, sage and eucalyptus, as well as sea water (or 1 glass of water with a spoonful of salt and a drop of iodine). In case of a runny nose, you can bury your nose with drops from the pharmacy, but first make sure that they are safe for pregnant women. In many cases, they can be replaced with weak aqueous solutions of onion, carrot or red beet juice (dilute a few drops of juice in half a glass of water).

Step 4

In the first half of pregnancy, you can brew raspberries with linden blossom or a small amount of such a mixture: oregano herb, raspberries (2 parts each), plantain (3 parts), coltsfoot (4 parts). You can take such a decoction in a tablespoon three times a day. But remember that you cannot, under any circumstances, drink decoctions and tinctures of calendula.

Step 5

If the temperature has exceeded 38 degrees and lasts for a long time, you can apply rubbing with cool water, as well as vinegar or lemon compresses on the forehead. It's a good idea to soak a sheet in water and vinegar and wrap it around your body. You can't wrap yourself up in this state.

Step 6

At the same time, if you have a sore throat, it is difficult for you to swallow, and you notice a white coating on your tonsils, you should not waste time on treatment with folk remedies: immediately consult a doctor. Ask him to explain to you which products are safe and which should not be taken under any circumstances.

Step 7

Before taking any antipyretic medication, read the package leaflets carefully, but even better - take them only with a doctor's prescription.

Step 8

Start taking vitamins for pregnant women, especially vitamin C. By the way, vitamin C can be used both in the form of pills and in fruits such as lemon or orange.

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