How To Remove Eye Fatigue

How To Remove Eye Fatigue
How To Remove Eye Fatigue

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In the world today, every average person has or has had eye problems. Often this is simple fatigue, because workaholics with tired, sore eyes are found on every corner.

How to remove eye fatigue
How to remove eye fatigue

If you feel that your eyes are getting tired, take care of their health. Take a break from working at the computer and let your muscles rest while doing simple exercises to relieve eye fatigue.

  1. Pat your eyelashes often - often. Eyes are too lazy to blink in front of a computer monitor, and this is very harmful to vision.
  2. Sit up straight, look straight ahead. Look up very slowly, look at the ceiling for a few seconds, then lower your head down, also consider the floor. The head must remain motionless during the exercise.
  3. Similar to the previous one, it differs in that the look is not translated from top to bottom, but from left to right. At the same time, the head also remains motionless.
  4. The head is in the same unchanged position - straight. Draw a figure eight mentally and circle it several times with your eyes, first in one direction, then in the other. Blink frequently at the end.
  5. Imagine a gold-colored dial in front of you (it is this color, according to scientists, that helps restore vision) and "walk" in a circle rotating your eyeballs.
  6. Take a pencil in your hand outstretched at eye level, focus on its tip and slowly move your hand in the opposite direction, then return it to its place. Only the eyes should move.
  7. Stand by the window and select any object that is far away, look alternately at it, then at the tip of your nose. Repeat the exercise several times.

    Also, exercise 8 will help to relieve eye fatigue. Just close your eyes and sit in this state for about 30 seconds. In this case, you can massage the earlobe, it is believed that there are points that help restore vision.

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