How To Create A Weight Loss Menu

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How To Create A Weight Loss Menu
How To Create A Weight Loss Menu

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Losing weight is a dream of many people. But in order to lose extra pounds forever, you need to draw up a rational diet plan that will allow you to steadily reduce weight, but not harm your health.

How to create a weight loss menu
How to create a weight loss menu


Step 1

A woman is recommended to consume about 1240 kcal per day. To lose weight, you need to bring the daily diet to 1200-1300 kcal. Do not starve, you will certainly break loose, and the lost pounds will return, bringing with you a couple more.

Step 2

Include natural and healthy foods in your diet. Design your menu to be varied and balanced. Fruits, vegetables, cereals (preferably whole), dairy and sour milk products (not high in fat content), vegetable fats, lean meats, chicken breast. The formation of amino acids in the body, which regulate all metabolic processes in the body, depends on the balance of your diet.

Step 3

Drink plenty of water a day. This is usually about 30 ml per kilogram of body weight. Choose regular drinking water, natural juices without sugar, green tea. Avoid soda and sweetened juice drinks altogether.

Step 4

Including some treats in your diet will help you avoid relapse. A piece of chocolate or a small cake will reward you for your sacrifices and give you strength.

Step 5

Give up sugar, the use of fatty, smoked, salty foods. Don't eat baked goods. Introduce whole grain or bran bread into your diet.

Step 6

Give up alcohol. Not only is it quite high in calories by itself. It also makes you feel hungry.

Step 7

Choose natural products, not their "civilized" counterparts. For example, common oatmeal is much healthier than the much-advertised "muesli". Replace regular rice with brown, brown rice - it contains a large amount of fiber, which is good for metabolism and weight loss.

Step 8

Change your cooking style. Steam more - fish, meat, chicken, vegetables. Get a double boiler, now they are available in different price categories and are available to everyone. Avoid frying as you consume a lot of excess fat.

Step 9

Pay attention to the correct combination of products. For example, eggs and rice have a firming effect. Therefore, introduce them into the diet in a limited amount.

Step 10

Exclude from eating those foods that you do not like - you should not torment the body.

Step 11

Make a rough menu for every day. Try to diversify it, so it will be easier for you to stick to the chosen diet.

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