How To Unlearn Nail Biting

How To Unlearn Nail Biting
How To Unlearn Nail Biting

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Nail biting is considered primarily a child problem, but it is actually quite common among adults.

How to unlearn nail biting
How to unlearn nail biting

It would seem that the habit is completely harmless, but this is not so: the nail is a natural protective barrier, there is no layer of thick epithelium under it, and the destruction of the nail plate exposes very vulnerable tissues. Bringing an infection there can provoke serious inflammation. Also, in the process of nibbling the nail, you can cause a crack on the nail plate, which can also get microbes or fungus.

Moreover, adherents of this habit usually do not stop at biting the nail, but also bite the cuticle. This leads to the formation of burrs, which also become inflamed. It's not even worth talking about the aesthetic component of this habit: uneven, sloppy nails, cuticles in wounds and depressions - all this is unlikely to decorate anyone.

How can you wean yourself from biting your nails? First of all, you should pay attention to the psychological component: the habit of biting nails is considered one of the manifestations of neurosis. It can be caused by anxiety, self-esteem problems, and trouble at work or in the family. In this case, it is worth treating or strengthening the nervous system in order to eliminate unnecessary anxiety and stop biting your nails.

However, the treatment of neuroses is a complex process and is far from always guaranteed to be successful, so it makes sense to adopt a few simple techniques that will help you wean yourself from biting your nails.

First of all, it is worth turning to the old folk method: smearing your nails with something so unpleasant to the taste that any attempt to bite them will be accompanied by extremely unpleasant sensations. From the available tools, you can offer laundry soap or mustard, but now special nail polishes with pronounced bitterness are being produced, designed to fight this habit. They are practically invisible on nails, do not give either color or shine, so they are suitable not only for women, but also for men and children.

Another effective method is extended nails. A thick gel or acrylic plate will not only protect your own fragile nail from the destructive effects of your teeth, it is also almost impossible to chew. This method is also suitable for men: the plate can be made to look like a natural short nail.

Well, and one more way - exclusively for women and girls: to make a beautiful manicure on the nails with elements of nail design, such as rhinestones, sparkles and patterns. For such beauty, many simply will not rise a hand - that is, teeth. In addition, you quickly get used to the good, and few people want to change the exquisite manicure for ugly nibbled nails.

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