High Temperature: How To Reduce Its Rate

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High Temperature: How To Reduce Its Rate
High Temperature: How To Reduce Its Rate

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Doctors recommend, up to a certain point, to let the body fight the temperature on its own, but if the mercury in the thermometer rises above 38 ° C, it is necessary to bring down the heat. Since this is already fraught with consequences.

How to bring down a high temperature
How to bring down a high temperature

It is necessary

  • -alcohol;
  • -vinegar;
  • -vodka.


Step 1

At elevated body temperature, despite chills, in no case should you wrap yourself up in blankets or warm clothes. On the contrary, set aside the warm blanket and strip down to one layer of clothing so that the body can give off heat.

Step 2

To lower the temperature, wipe with an aqueous solution of alcohol (vodka is suitable) or vinegar (a teaspoon for 2 liters of water). Alcohol is diluted with about 50 ml per 2 liters of water, vodka - 200 ml. Drink plenty of fluids.

Step 3

If your body temperature is elevated, avoid taking drugs that are diaphoretic or warm. For example, tea with raspberries or honey is better to postpone to the next stage of the disease, when you need to get rid of a cough, runny nose or similar companions of the disease.

Step 4

It is difficult to choose the right one among the offered assortment of medicines, since the eyes of an ordinary consumer run up when looking at all this abundance. It is still advisable to consult a specialist in a polyclinic or call a doctor at home when the first symptoms occur. It is necessary to use antipyretic drugs on your own with great care.

Step 5

The most common component of antipyretic drugs is paracetamol. It not only helps to reduce fever, but also relieves pain. However, when using such drugs, observe the established dosage rates, if you use too much of it, this can lead to very unfavorable consequences.

Step 6

There are drugs that, along with antipyretic, also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Always read the annotation for the medicine before using it! If it is written in a language that is difficult for you, ask someone familiar with pharmaceuticals to explain its meaning to you. It's about your health. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask your questions regarding the purchased medicine to a specialist in a pharmacy.

Step 7

If the high temperature cannot be brought down on your own within two to three hours, immediately consult a doctor or ambulance. Symptoms of common seasonal illnesses can hide serious problems, which can be solved by timely referral to specialists.

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