How To Do Douching

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How To Do Douching
How To Do Douching

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Most women who take care of their health resort to douching. This process can be attributed to the group of therapeutic and prophylactic procedures. It is a lavage of the vagina with special solutions and drugs that can cope with inflammatory processes. The main thing is to do everything right.

How to do douching
How to do douching


Step 1

So, the doctor prescribed douching for you. To get started, buy the drugs prescribed by the doctor and the Esmarch mug at the pharmacy. They use their own medicines for each disease. For example, thrush is treated with calendula tincture, tea tree oil and elderberry flowers. Chlorophyllipt will help to cope with inflammatory processes, and vagotin will become your friend in the fight against trichomoniasis.

Step 2

When you come home, dilute the medicine in water in the right proportion and pour the warm solution into the syringe. Be sure to use a new tip, otherwise the risk of infection with various bacteria increases.

Step 3

Relax and insert the tip of the syringe into your vagina. Do this while lying with your knees spread apart. Click on the pear to release the healing solution. Pay close attention to the water pressure - it should not be too strong. Otherwise, the fluid will enter the uterine cavity, which will cause new gynecological problems.

Step 4

In total, this procedure takes 10-15 minutes. One course of treatment includes 7 to 10 douches. Start with twice a day (morning and evening), as your health improves, switch to 1 time a day. After some time, do douching every other day and finally 1-2 times a week.

Step 5

Among other things, douching can be done independently for hygiene purposes. At the same time, this procedure is allowed no more than 1 time per week. Be very careful, because douching can lead to the development of various diseases associated with a violation of the vaginal microflora.

Step 6

Like any other treatment, douching has some contraindications. In particular, skip this procedure if you are pregnant, have recently given birth, or have had an abortion. Also, douching is not recommended during menstruation and for women with the following diseases: adnexitis, metroendometritis, parametritis, pelvioperitonitis and others.

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