How To Treat Periostitis

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How To Treat Periostitis
How To Treat Periostitis

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Periostitis is a phenomenon that is accompanied by inflammation of the periosteum or alveolar ridge. During this process, suppuration of the area is observed, which is characterized by swelling and constant pain. This disease is better known as flux.

How to treat periostitis
How to treat periostitis

It is necessary

  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - baking soda;
  • - thyme herb;
  • - scumpia leaves;
  • - hyssop herb, 3% vinegar.


Step 1

If you experience pain and swelling in the cheek area, you should immediately consult a dentist. Treatment is carried out through surgery. The doctor opens the abscess and removes all the pus from there. In addition, in most cases, it is necessary to remove the tooth, which caused the development of the flux.

Step 2

After the operation, you need to rinse the mouth as often as possible to avoid re-infection. To do this, you can use a solution of potassium permanganate or baking soda, for the preparation of which you need to dissolve a teaspoon of soda in a glass of warm water.

Step 3

Use also alternative methods of treatment, which are categorically contraindicated with a flux.

Step 4

Take two tablespoons of chopped thyme herb and pour a glass of boiling water over it. The broth should be infused for about half an hour. Then strain the tincture. This substance can be used to rinse the mouth and the site of inflammation.

Step 5

You can also rinse your mouth with a decoction of scumpia leaves. To prepare it, take two tablespoons of the leaves of this herb and pour a glass of boiling water. Let the broth steep for 20 minutes. Now you can strain the mixture and rinse your mouth with the resulting liquid as often as possible.

Step 6

Take about 30 grams of hyssop herb and pour a glass of boiling water over it. Leave the mixture on for half an hour. Now strain the broth and add a small spoonful of ordinary table vinegar with a concentration of 3%. Rinse your mouth with this broth at least three times a day.

Step 7

A decoction of lemon balm leaves also has a good effect, since it not only relieves pain, but also soothes the nervous system. Take four tablespoons of plant leaves and cover with two glasses of hot boiled water. The broth should be infused for at least an hour. It needs to be filtered and used to rinse the mouth.

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