How To Give An Injection

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How To Give An Injection
How To Give An Injection

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If you do not have a medical education, but you want to learn how to give injections, seek help from a doctor you know or someone who knows this technique. Intramuscular injections are not difficult. The main thing is not to be afraid and follow the instructions.

How to give an injection
How to give an injection

It is necessary

  • - medicine;
  • - syringe with a needle;
  • - medical alcohol;
  • - gauze napkins or cotton wool.


Step 1

The first step is to prepare everything you need to give the injection. You will need an ampoule of medicine, a file to open it, a disposable syringe with a needle (two needles), rubbing alcohol, sterile gauze pads or cotton swabs and scissors, or a knife to remove the seal from the bottle (if the medicine is in the bottle).

Step 2

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Better to use antibacterial soap. Use scissors or the tip of a knife to break open the metal foil seal on the medicine bottle and wipe the cork off with rubbing alcohol. If the medicine is in an ampoule, wipe the ampoule with alcohol. File in a circle around the mark at the base of the tip. Hold it with your left hand, and take a gauze napkin in your right hand and gently break off the tip.

Step 3

Take the needle and, without removing the cap, insert it into the syringe. Remove the cap, but do not touch the needle. Take the syringe in your right hand, hold the ampoule with your left and carefully insert the needle into it. Draw on the medicine slowly. If the drug is in a vial (vial), pull the syringe plunger back a distance equal to the volume of the liquid. Pierce the rubber stopper with a needle and squeeze the air inward. Then slowly draw on the medicine. In this case, you will need a second needle. After dialing the drug, leave the first needle in the vial, and insert the second into the syringe.

Step 4

Hold the syringe upright with the needle up, tap it with your finger so that the air bubbles are at the top, and begin to squeeze out the air until drops of medication appear at the tip of the needle.

Step 5

The most optimal area for an intramuscular injection is the upper square of the buttock. Wipe the injection site with a gauze pad (cotton swab) moistened with alcohol, and massage it in a circular motion for a few seconds. Take the syringe in your right hand and briskly push it to the base of the needle. Slowly release the medicine (especially oily solutions), press the needle at the injection site with cotton wool and alcohol, remove it and massage the injection area for a few seconds.

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