How To Get Rid Of Fever

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How To Get Rid Of Fever
How To Get Rid Of Fever

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The reasons for the appearance of warts are not fully understood. It has only been established that they are caused by the human papillomavirus, and the warts themselves are benign epidermal formations. The most common are common warts, which usually appear on the hands. There are also flat (youthful) and plantar warts.

How to get rid of fever
How to get rid of fever

It is necessary

  • - garlic;
  • - celandine;
  • - aloe;
  • - soda.


Step 1

Warts are well treated, but if the removal tactics are chosen incorrectly, then complications are possible. Most often, there are cosmetic flaws in the form of scars or burns from the independent use of solutions such as "super cleaners", sulfuric acid or alkali. Therefore, when treating warts, a doctor's consultation and reasonable precautions are necessary.

Step 2

Modern methods of treating warts include cryotherapy, electrocoagulation, vitamin therapy. With vitamin therapy, warts are lubricated with vitamin E, while taking vitamins A and E orally. The most modern and bloodless treatment is laser removal of warts.

Step 3

Do not discount the centuries-old folk methods of getting rid of warts. They can be especially effective in children.

Step 4

Take a large and juicy head of garlic, separate one wedge. Peel it and cut it in half. Rub one half over the wart and tie the other half over the wart overnight. Remove the bandage in the morning. Rub the wart with fresh garlic juice twice a day. Remember to wash your hands before lubricating the wart. But at night, cut the wart again and tie it to the wart. Repeat the procedure for 7-10 days. Procedures for getting rid of warts should be started on the waning moon.

Step 5

Treatment of a wart with garlic can be combined with smearing it with fresh juice of celandine herb, i.e. at night you rub and tie garlic to the wart, and during the day you smear it with the yellow juice of the freshly plucked celandine herb.

Step 6

Removal of wart with aloe juice. Dissolve an incomplete teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water, moisten a piece of cotton wool, apply to the wart for 10 minutes. From the cut and washed aloe leaf, cut a slice and cut it lengthwise. Lubricate the wart with one half of the slice, put the other on it and bandage it overnight. Store leftover aloe in the refrigerator. Repeat the procedure for 7-10 days.

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