How To Treat Acute Rhinitis

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How To Treat Acute Rhinitis
How To Treat Acute Rhinitis

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Acute rhinitis is a condition characterized by nasal inflammation, tearing, nasal discharge, headache, malaise, and general weakness. Untimely treatment of rhinitis threatens with serious complications, including diseases of the ears, eyes, respiratory system, heart.

How to treat acute rhinitis
How to treat acute rhinitis

It is necessary

  • - vasoconstrictor agents;
  • - saline solution.


Step 1

If you have visible and felt symptoms of rhinitis, be sure to see your doctor. It is the specialist who will help you choose the right medicines for subsequent treatment.

Step 2

If it is not possible to go to the doctor's office, get antiviral or antimicrobial agents at the pharmacy. Rhinitis caused by viruses is quite common, which can be eliminated by means of immunomodulatory agents, multivitamin complexes, as well as preparations based on interferon. Vitamin C and plentiful warm drinks will help to increase immunity and take preventive measures to prevent the development of new diseases.

Step 3

Use a vasoconstrictor to make breathing easier or stop sinus discharge. They have a local effect. In other words, drops or spray reach the site of infection and eliminate the symptoms that have appeared. The vessels narrow, the inflammation disappears, and breathing ceases to be difficult. In addition, in pharmacies today there is a huge selection of symptomatic medicines that help to cope with the state of general malaise. But in any case, the use of drugs should be carried out in accordance with the attached instructions or according to medical recommendations.

Step 4

If you develop purulent sputum of a characteristic green or yellow color with rhinitis, rinse your nose. Washing can be done with sputum-thinning agents - saline solutions, antibacterial sprays, herbal infusions. Various inhalers based on drugs, essential oils or brewed herbs have similar properties.

Step 5

Often, rhinitis lasts a long time, and medicines do not relieve nasal breathing, in this case, get antibiotics. Acceptance of these funds should be agreed with your doctor.

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