How To Apply Headbands

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How To Apply Headbands
How To Apply Headbands

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In the event of an injury in the head area (for example, damage to the scalp, jaw, nose), it is advisable that the victim was promptly provided with qualified assistance in a medical institution. But it also happens that it is impossible to quickly deliver him to the emergency room. Then first aid in the form of bandaging has to be provided to others. Therefore, it is highly desirable to know at least the basic methods of applying a bandage to the head area.

How to apply headbands
How to apply headbands


Step 1

For example, a person has a damaged scalp. How to bandage it? There is a fairly simple and effective method called the "cap" (you might guess, due to the external resemblance to a child's headdress).

Step 2

First, cut or tear off a strip of bandage approximately 70 cm long.Place the middle of the strip on the top of the victim's skull (parietal region), and pull its ends so that it is located on the cheeks, in front of the ears (close to them). If the injured person is able, he must hold and pull this strip himself; otherwise, you will have to resort to someone's help.

Step 3

Wrap the bandage twice around the head, starting from the forehead, "overlapping" at the same time, naturally, the strip, then bring it to one side of the strip, wrap it around it and, “capturing” the back of the head, lead to the opposite side of the strip. There, too, wrap around it, and again lead to the opposite side, "capturing" already a section of the forehead just above the original. So repeat over and over until the entire scalp is covered with a bandage. Then fasten the end of the bandage to the nearest side of the tie-band, and fasten its ends with a knot under the victim's chin, respectively.

Step 4

In case of damage to the lower jaw, it is recommended to use a "sling" bandage. Its name, as you can easily guess, arose because of some external similarity of this bandage with an ancient throwing weapon - a sling.

Step 5

To make it, take a wide bandage, cut a strip about 70 cm long from it. If the bandage is loose, you can cut it about 140 cm and fold it in half. Leave the middle part (about 20 cm long) intact, and cut the ends along with strips of equal width.

Step 6

Apply the middle bandage to the jaw, first tying the tops of the cut strips at the back of the head, and the lower ones at the highest point of the head (crown).

Step 7

Likewise, you can apply a bandage if your nose is damaged. The only difference is that both stripes are tied at the back of the head: first the upper ones are below the auricles, then the lower ones are higher.

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