How To Put On A Gauze Bandage

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How To Put On A Gauze Bandage
How To Put On A Gauze Bandage

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A gauze bandage is the simplest respirator capable of protecting the wearer from viral infections transmitted by airborne droplets. Unfortunately, not many people know how to properly wear gauze bandages, which is completely in vain, because the bandage itself can become a source of infection.

How to put on a gauze bandage
How to put on a gauze bandage

It is necessary

  • - gauze bandage;
  • - iron;
  • - soap.


Step 1

Tie a gauze or cotton-gauze bandage not too tight, otherwise your head may hurt. Remember that the gauze bandage can pinch the blood-supplying vessels in the head. Before putting on the dressing, you must make sure that the dressing is clean, dry and has not been previously used for its intended purpose. A previously used protective mask itself can become a source of spread of acute respiratory viral infections, such as influenza, laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx) or pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx).

Step 2

The dressing should fit snugly around the bridge of your nose and cover both your mouth and nose. The fashionable tendency to wear disposable bandages, covering only the mouth, is just an imitation of the prevention of viral diseases. If, after using the gauze bandage, you feel overwhelmed, you have a runny nose, cough, sneezing, headache, sore throat, eyeballs, vomiting, loose stools, then you did not wear the bandage correctly.

Step 3

The thinner the dressing, the more often it is recommended to change it. The standard four-layer gauze bandage must be changed four times a day. If the work in the bandage takes place with constant communication or in crowded places, then it is better to change the bandage every four hours. That is why disposable protective masks made of nonwoven materials are becoming more common.

Step 4

The gauze bandage does not need to be thrown away after use. Viruses, including the influenza virus, are unstable to the action of high temperatures, therefore, simply ironing the gauze bandage with a hot iron after a light wash with laundry soap is equivalent to a complete renewal of the properties of such a protective mask.

Step 5

It is necessary to put on a gauze bandage not only indoors or in transport, but also in crowded places. It is strongly discouraged to use a gauze bandage when playing sports or intense physical exercise.

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