What Home Remedies Will Help With Cervical Osteochondrosis

What Home Remedies Will Help With Cervical Osteochondrosis
What Home Remedies Will Help With Cervical Osteochondrosis

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Long-term work at the computer in an uncomfortable position (when the shoulders are slightly raised while typing) and the habit of stooping can lead to cervical osteochondrosis - a disease of the ligamentous and bone apparatus in the cervical spine. Sometimes you have to wait for months to see a free doctor. Some home remedies can help cope with cervical osteochondrosis.

cervical osteochondrosis
cervical osteochondrosis

Causes and symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis

The root cause of cervical osteochondrosis is improper posture, although there are also rare cases of genetic deformity in the cervical spine. The habit of sitting at the desk incorrectly, a sedentary lifestyle lead to inflammatory processes in the musculo-ligamentous apparatus of the neck, which leads to stagnant processes, metabolic disorders.

Cervical osteochondrosis is also called "office disease", because the disease is often found in office workers - accountants, managers, all those who spend a long time sitting at the computer. Due to the violation of the supply of nutrients, the intervertebral disc (a kind of layer between the vertebrae, which provides mobility and prevents friction) becomes thinner, and the bone tissue of the vertebra, on the contrary, grows, forming osteophytes - dense growths of bone joints.

Friction of the vertebrae against each other and growth of osteophytes can narrow the spinal canal, press on the nerve endings, causing unbearable pain. Actually, pain in the neck and between the shoulder blades, a feeling of muscle stiffness and burning sensation are considered the main symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis.

Some patients complain of an unpleasant "creepy" feeling in the back of the head. The pain can "shoot to the shoulder" and the superior costal arch. An extreme case is loss of strength in the hands, numbness of the fingertips. Sometimes cervical osteochondrosis can lead to disability, and only surgery helps to return to the usual way of life.

How to treat cervical osteochondrosis at home

Rest the tense neck muscles if possible. Orthopedists advise purchasing and wearing a Shants collar - an orthopedic corset for the neck that relieves stress in the spinal region. A similar collar for cervical osteochondrosis can be worn no more than 2 hours a day, for example, when you work at a computer at home.


Any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gels and creams such as Ketonal, Nise, Diclofenac will help to relieve the inflammatory process in the muscles. As an analgesic, neurologists advise Menovazin - a tincture with benzocaine and menthol.

From alternative medicine, tinctures of golden mustache and adam root are most popular in the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis. Flowers of lilac, wormwood, mullein ("bear's ear") infused with alcohol (mixed with half a liter of vodka or alcohol, insisted for 7-10 days) are also suitable as rubbing.

After applying any ointment, cream or gel, as well as after rubbing, dry heat is needed on the area of ​​the cervical and thoracic spine. A wide scarf or warm vest will do.

It is necessary to treat cervical osteochondrosis at home in a comprehensive manner. Rubbing is carried out in the morning and afternoon, and at night it is recommended to do applications. For example, with kerosene or camphor alcohol.

For appliqués, you need a piece of thick cotton or canvas fabric of a suitable size (covering the painful area). The fabric is moistened in kerosene, wrung out, and one side is lathered with laundry soap.

With the kerosene side, the applicator is applied to the sore spot, wrapped on top with plastic wrap, on top - dry heat (a scarf, towel or compression bandage is wound). The duration of the procedure varies from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the severity of the painful syndrome in the neck.

Since cervical osteochondrosis is known for the deposition of calcium salts in the body (overgrowth of osteophytes), in addition to applications and rubbing, it is necessary to cleanse the body of excess salts. Medicinal herbs will help in this matter: yarrow, tansy, odorous celery. The roots and flowers of plants are poured with boiling water at the rate of a tablespoon per glass of boiling water (250 ml), infused for half an hour. It is necessary to take herbal tinctures daily, three times a day, 50-100 ml in between meals.

As soon as the inflammatory and pain syndrome of cervical osteochondrosis is removed, prevention can be started in order to avoid recurrence of seizures. One of the best home remedies for cervical osteochondrosis is Tibetan gymnastics (qigong).


Tibetan gymnastics improves blood circulation and the functioning of the brain and nervous systems, and also relieves headaches - a faithful companion of cervical osteochondrosis. Exercises for therapeutic neck gymnastics can be found in the following books: Alex Koller "Tibetan gymnastics", Inka Yohum "Therapeutic exercises qigong for the neck and shoulders", Carol Krukof "Therapeutic yoga for the neck and shoulders" and others.

Remember that it is impossible to treat cervical osteochondrosis at home without accompanying medical advice! Only a specialist can make a diagnosis. Home practice is only used if you have previously been diagnosed with cervical osteochondrosis and allowed to do home prophylaxis.

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