What Does Moonstone Heal

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What Does Moonstone Heal
What Does Moonstone Heal

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A gentle moonstone endowed with unique energy is semiprecious, ornamental. Figures and figurines are made from it, the mineral is used to create jewelry. As the name implies, the Moon protects the stone. The night star gives the mineral not only magical, but also healing properties. What diseases will the moonstone help against?

Moon rock
Moon rock

Lithotherapists and healers note that the moonstone is a natural healer that helps to cope, first of all, not with physical ailments, but with nervous, mental illnesses. The mineral has a strong effect on the brain, in particular on the pituitary gland, soothes and strengthens the nervous system. It is suitable for the treatment of mental illnesses.

The main healing properties of moonstone

The mineral has a positive effect on the emotional background, improving mood, protecting against sudden mood swings. It blocks bad and obsessive thoughts, images, fantasies. Does not allow to fall into the abyss of despair, treats depression and other borderline mental states.

The energy contained in the moonstone gives the healing mineral the ability to relieve epileptic seizures, seizures, and nervous tics. It helps people with restless legs syndrome, those who constantly feel "clogged" muscles or weakness throughout the body.

Saves a semi-precious moonstone from neuroses, from exhaustion of the nervous system, emotional burnout. It is necessary for individuals who are prone to hysteria, nervous breakdowns and affective states.

A moonstone near the bed will help a person fall asleep easier and harder, prevent nighttime awakenings and relieve bad dreams and sleepwalking. Lithotherapists advise treating insomnia using moonstone.

The mineral will be useful for those people who are acutely reacting to changes in the lunar phases, to changes in weather, changes in atmospheric pressure. Moonstone, which has many medicinal properties, improves well-being in case of meteorological dependence. It should be taken with you when traveling to other countries in order to quickly adapt to the new regime of the day and to the new climate.

This gentle mineral relieves anxiety, agitation and anxiety. It can be worn by children prone to hyperactivity, aggression, irritability. In addition, it will strengthen not only the nervous system, but also children's immunity.

It is recommended to resort to the help of moonstone for pregnant women. Especially when the pregnancy is difficult, with complications. The mineral will give additional strength to the expectant mother, ease the condition. He will also help to ensure that childbirth is quick, easy, without negative consequences for the young mother and baby.

Moon rock
Moon rock

Moonstone with its healing properties will have a positive effect on the brain, improve memory, and increase concentration. It will relieve you of unreasonable fears, anxieties and worries.

What somatic diseases does moonstone help?

  1. Infectious diseases.
  2. Poisoning.
  3. Dehydration.
  4. Disrupted metabolism.
  5. Disrupted hormonal background.
  6. Diseases affecting the eyes.
  7. Renal failure, kidney inflammation.
  8. Diseases of the liver, gallbladder.
  9. Dropsy.
  10. Edema of various origins.
  11. Pathology of the urinary tract, diseases of the genitourinary system.
  12. Sepsis.
  13. Bronchial asthma, bronchitis.
  14. Arthritis.
  15. Diseases of the spine.
  16. Fever.
  17. Paralysis.
  18. Blood pathologies.
  19. Diseases affecting the brain.
  20. Diseases of the stomach, intestines.

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