Is It Harmful To Cook In The Microwave

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Is It Harmful To Cook In The Microwave
Is It Harmful To Cook In The Microwave

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Recently, people have increasingly begun to use microwave ovens, and they not only heat food in them, but also cook. However, it is believed that food cooked in the microwave is harmful.

Is it harmful to cook in the microwave
Is it harmful to cook in the microwave

At the end of the twentieth century, scientists at the University of Lausanne conducted experiments using microwave ovens. As a result, they found out that those people who constantly use microwaves change the composition of their blood. Currently, experts say that food cooked in it is life-threatening, because it causes irreparable harm to health by causing the development of cancer cells in the body.

What some studies have shown

Doctors-immunologists say that if people eat vegetables cooked in the microwave and many other foods, their cholesterol rises in the body and hemoglobin falls. The experiments were carried out as follows. A group of volunteers were allowed to eat some of the ingredients cooked and heated in the microwave for several days.

After some time, these people donated blood for tests, and the results were not the best.

It has been proven that a person who constantly consumes ingredients cooked in a microwave oven is more exposed to microwave radiation than everyone else, thus causing irreparable harm to his health. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is better to prepare food in the traditional way, using all the knowledge of the culinary art.

Manufacturers, however, argue that there is no difference between the food that modern housewives make on the stove and the one that is cooked in the microwave. Many publishers are writing about this now.

But despite all the information voiced by manufacturers, new research is being carried out at this time in the United States.

How to cook in the microwave

It has recently been found that when cooking certain foods in the microwave, the glycosinates in food are reduced by about 85%, while only a small fraction is lost in steamed food.

It is thanks to the microwave that life-threatening diseases have decreased abroad. This happens because housewives simply do not add oil to the ingredients being prepared, because when cooking they do not fry or boil food, but do everything thanks to microwave energy.

Scientists have not yet come to a single opinion on whether to cook food in the microwave or not. The fact that such food is harmful or safe for people has not yet been proven with certainty, so it is better to cook tasty and healthy food on the stove. Defrost food, meat, bread and reheat in the microwave if possible. However, when it is on, move as far as possible. In no case do not allow minor children closer than 2.5 meters to her.

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