Laundry Soap: How To Use And What Is Useful

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Laundry Soap: How To Use And What Is Useful
Laundry Soap: How To Use And What Is Useful

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In stores, along with a variety of laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, laundry soap is still sold. Its appearance and smell are not very attractive, but this product is still in demand. Laundry soap has a number of unique properties that cannot be replaced by anything else.

Medicinal and other properties of laundry soap
Medicinal and other properties of laundry soap

The higher the percentage of fatty acids contained in laundry soap, the better it copes with various dirt and infections. Soap is made from natural and environmentally friendly materials, does not cause allergic reactions and is not capable of harming health.

With the help of laundry soap, dishes are washed even in cold water, so it is indispensable for summer residents.

After washing wool products with this soap, they retain their volume and softness.

The amazing healing properties of laundry soap

Using laundry soap for hair care will give you a thick head of hair. It can fight dandruff and stimulate the growth of curls. It is important to buy soap without any additives, only natural. It's easy to make homemade shampoo by shaving off the soap and flooding it with warm water. With such a soapy solution, you can wash not only your hair, but also use it for cleaning and washing dishes.

Laundry soap has a bactericidal effect and is used to treat inflammation, wounds, burns, cuts. It is also a good antiviral agent. With it, you can get rid of a runny nose by washing your nose with soapy water.

Washing with laundry soap makes the skin smooth and silky. It is enough to do this once a week.

You can use soap for deep cleansing of the skin:

  • lather your face;
  • let the soap dry a little;
  • then rub gently with calcium chloride solution.

With the help of laundry soap, fungus on the legs is treated. To do this, you should wash your feet daily with this product, rubbing it into the skin and nails. Then lubricate the surface of the skin and nails with iodine.

You can also use laundry soap to soothe your skin after depilation and prevent irritation and inflammation. It is enough to lather the body and rinse it off after the foam with cool water.

To disinfect a toothbrush, you should soap it and leave it overnight. It is also better to treat a new toothbrush with soap, wait about an hour, then place in a container with hot water, rinse.

If you have an abscess, mix equal parts soap with chopped onions and sugar. Apply the prepared mixture in the evening to the sore spot and bandage. The abscess will disappear in the morning.

To tidy up your heels and get rid of cracks, take a hot bath with soap and baking soda.

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