What Diseases Can Be Treated With Ordinary Laundry Soap

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What Diseases Can Be Treated With Ordinary Laundry Soap
What Diseases Can Be Treated With Ordinary Laundry Soap

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Dark and unremarkable laundry soap evokes associations with a time of total scarcity. Many modern housewives prefer to use more advanced detergents. However, not a single modern soap can help in disinfection, cosmetology and the treatment of certain diseases as this nondescript piece. Laundry soap has undeniable advantages over other types of soap, because it contains only natural substances and it has high disinfecting properties.

What diseases can be treated with ordinary laundry soap
What diseases can be treated with ordinary laundry soap

Soap is like an antiseptic

Laundry soap is the most effective of all hygiene products. With its help, you can remove not only bacteria, but also chemical compounds, such as oil paint. Laundry soap is the safest antiseptic, so it is used to clean rooms in maternity hospitals and hospitals. In emergencies, doctors used this soap as "surgical gloves." In this case, hands were lathered with soap until a thick foam was formed and waited for it to dry. Due to the fact that it does not contain unnecessary additives, it is recommended to wash children's clothes with such soap.

- If you regularly rinse your toothbrush with water and laundry soap, and do not rinse the foam, letting it dry, then the toothbrush can last much longer than usual.

Application in cosmetology

- For eczema, it is recommended to steam with a broom soaked in a solution of laundry soap. The skin is cleansed, firm and healthy.

A bar of soap found its modern composition in 1808, thanks to the invention of the French chemist Michel Eugène Chevreul.

- If dandruff occurs, a mask of foam whipped from laundry soap is applied to the head. After rinsing off the foam, rinse your hair with citric acid.

- If you have acne or acne on your skin, it is recommended to wash your face with laundry soap twice a week. Then the skin must be lubricated with cream.

In folk medicine

- For cracks in the legs and corns, make baths from a mixture of baking soda and shaved laundry soap. When treating small wounds and cracks, burns and scratches, soap the washed wound and leave to dry. After that, the wounds do not fester and heal quickly.

- In case of bruises, apply lather from laundry soap and let it dry.

Laundry soap contains up to 72% fatty acids and a large amount of alkalis, due to which its PH is 11-12 units.

- For the prevention of fungal diseases. After visiting public baths, swimming pools, you need to process the feet and the space between the toes.

- For the prevention of acute respiratory infections and at the beginning of the disease. To do this, you need to rinse your nose with laundry soap.

- If your pierced ears are inflamed, you need to grate the laundry soap, mix with onion juice and apply to the wound. In the same way, abscesses are treated with the help of laundry soap.

Laundry soap has only one drawback - not a particularly pleasant smell. However, this is evidence that there are no chemical fragrances in it. Real soap, now undeservedly forgotten, is an irreplaceable assistant in everyday life.

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