General Cleaning Rules For The Treatment Room

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General Cleaning Rules For The Treatment Room
General Cleaning Rules For The Treatment Room

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In any medical and prophylactic institution, premises (offices, wards, treatment rooms) are regularly cleaned. It can be current (at the end of the work shift) and general.

General cleaning rules for the treatment room
General cleaning rules for the treatment room

General cleaning technology

This cleaning is done once a week. Cleaning is organized where medical procedures take place. General cleaning is carried out by junior medical personnel.

For its organization must be available: second shoes, a gown, a cap, a mask, gloves, which must be worn by a medical worker. For general cleaning, special cleaning equipment is used (rags, brooms, etc.). According to the sanitary rules and regulations governing the conditions for general cleaning, it must be marked and stored in a separate room.

It is advisable to move all furniture and equipment aside before cleaning. After that, you will need to prepare a disinfectant solution with which the surface will be treated. The solution is applied with a rag on horizontal, vertical surfaces, at the very end - on the floor.

Then the bactericidal lamps are allowed to work for 60 minutes. This is a prerequisite, since ultraviolet light cleans the air of the room from pathogenic microorganisms.

At the end of this time, the personnel change into clean overalls and wipe all surfaces with a clean cloth or rags soaked in plain water. At the end of the work, the lamps are turned on for the second time, the inventory is disinfected and removed. It is advisable to use disposable gloves, masks when cleaning, so that they can then be disposed of.

Using a disinfectant solution for cleaning

General cleaning is necessary to thoroughly clean all surfaces (floors, walls, furniture, equipment, tools) from dirt, dust, microorganisms.

To do this, you will need to prepare a working solution of the required concentration. Detergent is added to it in the amount of 5 grams per 1 liter of active liquid. It turns out a 5% concentrated solution.

Chlorine-containing substances such as chloramine, bleach, hypochlorite, and others are often used as antimicrobial agents. In addition to the bactericidal effect, they improve the smell of the room and are well washed off. The disinfectant solution is also used for cleaning work equipment. When working with the solution, it is imperative to use gloves and a mask to avoid irritation on the skin.

General cleaning is an indispensable element in organizing the activities of any medical institution.

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