Amway Carbohydrate Blocker Reviews

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Amway Carbohydrate Blocker Reviews
Amway Carbohydrate Blocker Reviews

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Reviews of the Amway carbohydrate blocker can be found very different, for some he helped to cope with excess weight, for some he did not. You can check its action only by experience, but a measure is needed in everything.

What is Amway's carbohydrate blocker?
What is Amway's carbohydrate blocker?

Carbohydrate blocker is a dietary supplement based on white kidney bean extract, fermented soybean extract and parsley extract. This drug cannot be bought in a regular store or pharmacy, it is an Amway product that is marketed through network marketing. Therefore, you can check the effectiveness of this means for losing weight only on your own experience or by trusting the numerous reviews on the Internet.

How do the respondents say about this tool?

The manufacturer of this product claims that it is able to stop the process of converting complex carbohydrates that enter the digestive tract into glucose. How does this happen? First of all, the activity of enzymes is inhibited, which are designed to convert polysaccharides into monosaccharides. Accordingly, some of the complex carbohydrates that enter the human digestive tract does not turn into glucose, which means it is not absorbed. As a result, the process of formation of fats in the body is also suspended. And if a person significantly reduces the consumption of complex carbohydrates, the body will begin to consume its own reserves, thus triggering the mechanism of weight loss.

This is confirmed by the reviews of half of the respondents who took the drug during the period of inaccuracies in nutrition - that is, when they could not give up sweets - pastries, cakes, pastries and the like. They drank 3 tablets of Amway carbohydrate blocker a day and enjoyed their favorite meals. Those respondents who did not exceed the established limit of 500 Kcal (and the drug can block just that many kilocalories), by the end of the month, found that they had not gained a single gram of excess weight. For those of them who exceeded this limit during a large feast, the remedy did not help.

What else do they say about the products of this company

There are also many negative reviews about Amway's calorie blocker. Many respondents write that most of the positive reviews were written by the hands of network marketing distributors themselves and cannot be trusted. But the aforementioned company has been occupying its niche in the market for such services for several years and most of its products are not cheap. It can be concluded that the products are still in demand and are liked by customers, although it is impossible to check this in relation to this particular dietary supplement. Many write that she was the only one who helped them, although they do not dismiss the possibility that diet and sports contributed to losing weight.

And those who took the blocker lying on the couch and eating innumerable quantities of rolls and pies complain about the deception of gullible citizens. In everything, there should be a measure and before succumbing to the herd feeling, you need to turn on your head.

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