How To Sterilize Instruments

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How To Sterilize Instruments
How To Sterilize Instruments

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All instruments that are used for public use must be sterilized. Especially carefully it is necessary to process manicure accessories and medical instruments, it is when using it that you can become infected with various diseases. During processing, all microbes and viruses die, and dirt is cleared.

How to sterilize instruments
How to sterilize instruments

It is necessary

  • - medical alcohol
  • -forceps
  • - chlorine detergent
  • - oven (boiling water)
  • -tool


Step 1

Oven sterilization is commonly used for cleaning instruments at home. Thoroughly rinse the entire tool with a disinfectant (chlorine) and a baking sheet on which you will place aluminum foil. Turn the oven to the highest temperature and place the baking sheet with the tool in it. Wait 15-25 minutes and you can use it again. This method is not suitable for processing instruments with plastic elements.

Step 2

Boiling also removes all germs well. You can rinse the instrument and immerse it in boiling water for 30 minutes, the heating does not need to be turned off. Gently pull it out of the pot using tongs and place it on a dry, clean cloth. After drying, transfer the instrument to a tight bag and tie. Only use sterile forceps to remove the instrument from the bag and try not to touch it with your hands.

Step 3

Pour pure rubbing alcohol into a container and place the thoroughly rinsed instrument in it for 30 minutes. Make sure that the solution completely covers the instruments. Then take them out and dry, then put them in a sterile bag. Surface wiping of instruments cannot remove viruses and bacteria; they die only after prolonged contact with alcohol.

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