How To Weigh Correctly On A Floor Scale

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How To Weigh Correctly On A Floor Scale
How To Weigh Correctly On A Floor Scale

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Surely every person who controls their weight has a bathroom scale. This device is quite easy to use, however, to determine the exact body weight, you need to take into account some nuances. Perhaps you have known them for a long time, but it will still be useful to repeat the basic rules of weighing on the scales.

How to weigh yourself correctly on a bathroom scale
How to weigh yourself correctly on a bathroom scale

We weigh in in the morning

The ideal time for weighing is in the morning after going to the toilet. The balance will then display the minimum but correct weight. The greatest weight can be recorded if you get on the scales at about 5-7 pm.

Weigh in the same clothes

Ideally in underwear. If we consider that it is better to carry out the procedure immediately after waking up, then this is logical and not difficult. We woke up, stretched, went to the toilet and - on the scales.

Weigh ourselves on an empty stomach

This applies not only to food, but also to any liquid. Also, keep in mind that salty foods eaten the day before can cause significant weight gain due to the fact that salt retains water in the body.

Weighing on the same scales

Different scales can give measurement errors, sometimes quite significant. Therefore, getting on the scales at a party, you can be very upset or, conversely, happy. In any case, you should not consider this weight as the only correct one - consider that you just quenched your curiosity.


A few more nuances:

  1. In the second phase of menstruation, body weight, as a rule, increases by a couple of kilograms - this is due to fluid retention due to the work of hormones, and not in any way with an increase in the amount of fat in the body.
  2. As for the frequency of weighing, many nutritionists advise holding them once a week, preferably in the middle - these days the weight is most stable. However, researchers who have observed people who lose weight have come to an interesting conclusion - those who weigh themselves more often (for example, every day) lose more weight in general than those who get on the scales every seven days.
  3. To control your weight, start a notebook where you will write down all the indicators. Also, for weight accounting, you can use any computer program that has a graphing function.
  4. Place the balance on a flat surface - this will minimize the measurement error. Ideally, you need to weigh yourself in the same room, and not move the scales throughout the apartment.

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