How To Improve Brain Performance

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How To Improve Brain Performance
How To Improve Brain Performance

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Often, the modern rhythm of life does not contribute to clarity of thoughts and mental performance. Inability to concentrate, distracted attention, lack of interest, indifference and increased fatigue are all signs of decreased brain performance.

How to improve brain performance
How to improve brain performance


Step 1

Improving the neural connections of the brain and thereby stimulating intellectual activity can be done by charging the mind. Start performing special exercises that develop memory, study foreign languages, solve crosswords, play mind games, solve math problems, etc. Reading also increases concentration and stimulates the imagination and thought processes. Try to devote at least half an hour a day to reading Russian or foreign classics, historical literature or poetry.

Step 2

Sugar is needed to improve brain function, but this does not mean that you need to absorb unlimited amounts of sweets. Eat foods with natural starch and sugars. These are potatoes, rice, legumes, nuts, brown bread, etc.: these foods are absorbed more slowly, which gives the brain a much more energy boost. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, dehydration also often causes loss of performance and brain fatigue. In many ways, the activity of the brain depends on the amount of food consumed. According to scientists, satiety has a negative effect on mental activity. Get in the habit of getting up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger.

Step 3

Working without proper rest also always leads to a decrease in performance. Take periodic breaks for yourself, and during your lunch break, try to completely distract from work and chat with colleagues. Communicative communication contributes to the sharpening of memory and activation of brain functions.

Step 4

Don't forget about weekends. Moreover, the best rest is the time spent in nature - go to the forest for berries, mushrooms, fish, make barbecues, go hiking or work in the country. All this will give your brain an opportunity to take a break from heavy stressful everyday life, give a boost of energy and increase efficiency.

Step 5

Healthy sleep is equally important. Lack of sleep leads to premature fatigue and decreased concentration. Try to follow the regime: go to bed every day and wake up at the same time. It is advisable to adhere to a routine, even on weekends.

Step 6

Bad habits do not allow you to concentrate on work and study, reduce efficiency, reduce the amount of work performed and worsen its quality.

Step 7

Regular exercise helps to increase the elasticity of blood vessels and improve blood circulation, restore neural connections, which ultimately improves the performance of the brain. A head and neck massage that improves blood flow in the cerebral cortex is very beneficial for the cellular cerebral circulation. If you spend 10 minutes daily on massage for several weeks, then by evening the ability to think clearly and clearly will not disappear, and fatigue will not be so strong.

Step 8

Experts have proven that some colors and smells have a calming effect on the brain, while others, on the contrary, irritate. So, the work of the brain is perfectly stimulated by the yellow color. It tones up, invigorates, improves mood and improves mental performance. When it comes to smells, citrus and woody scents work well on the brain.

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